Beyza Apple iPod touch Leather Cases

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One of the negatives of being an early adopter of technology is the lack of protective accessories for the latest & greatest tech-toys. I started my search for a leather case immediately after buying an iPod Touch. At that time there were not many options out there. Beyza was one of the first to create leather cases for the Touch; the SlimLINE Vertical Leather Pouch and UniSR MN Lateral Leather Pouch.

Beyza Apple iPod Touch SlimLINE Vertical Leather Pouch Case

The Beyza SlimLINE Vertical Leather Pouch Case is very well made. The exterior of this slipper case is constructed of a thick, top quality leather. The leather is smooth, well finished and meticulously stitched. The interior lining is a smooth velvet that softly holds your Touch in place. The case is reasonably well padded while not making the extremely slim and sleek Touch too bulky.

The Vertical Leather Pouch Case is perfectly fitted for the iPod Touch. Even upside down, the Touch is securely held in place.

So much so that Beyza designed the access point on the bottom of the case to not only connect the syncing/charging cable, but also allow you to push the device out a bit to more easily remove it from the case.

Inserting the device upside down in the case allows you to not only connect the sync cable but the earbuds as well. The Beyza iPod Touch SlimLINE Vertical Leather Pouch Case comes in fifteen colors and three leather textures.

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This slipper pouches’ minimalist design is both a positive and negative. The case leaves the Touch exposed at the top and could definitely allow it to be damaged or marred if dropped. However, it is perfect to slip into your coat pocket or purse.

Price: $29.50

Beyza Apple iPod Touch UniSR MN Lateral Leather Pouch Case

The Beyza iPod Touch UniSR MN Lateral Leather Pouch Case is identical to the vertical pouch in terms of quality of materials and workmanship, but provides more protection and versatility of use.

The horizontal pouch protects the Touch on all sides and the flap is held firmly in place by two sets of strong, embedded magnets.

The case has an integrated leather belt clip which is well engineered into the back of the case. Underneath the leather, there is a strong, rigid piece of metal that secures the case to your belt.

Depending on how you insert the Touch into the case, the earphone port is accessible from either side. The sync/charging port is not accessible while the Touch is in the case. This case does add some bulk to the Touch but not horribly so. The Beyza iPod Touch UniSR MN Lateral Leather Pouch Case comes in four colors.

Price: $39.50

Both of these Beyza cases are very nice and I like them both. I switch back and forth between them, depending on what I am doing.


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4 thoughts on “Beyza Apple iPod touch Leather Cases”

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  2. It’s made for the iPhone, and as we know the iPhone is bigger than the Touch which makes this case feel sloppy. I currently own the Incipio Orion Leather case which is currently also made for the iPhone thou god knows how since it’s a very snug fit for the Touch. I recommend getting a shield right away for your Touch to keep in scratch free (The Back) and waiting for a hard case designed for the Touch which should be by the end of October (Griffin Technology) or (Countour Designs) to name a few examples. Silicone is also another option such as (iFrogz).

  3. I should choose this one
    But I SUGGEST YOU 2 ADD A buckle on the top of it in order 2 aviod it slip down.Maybe it’s a redundant worry.mORE OR LESS it’s really a practical and slinky leather case for my ipod touch!I like it! But I still think it should be done some improvment!

    well, i just got my ipod touch for christmas. It is very good. However i belive that apple could have made it even better. For example the ephemeral battery.However the functions that are with are excellent and i would recommend getting it. But i wouldnt spend all your money i would say get the 8GB.

    And today I’ve found my cool ipod touch cases online occasionally!This fashion and handy design makes my ipod touch be much more attractive for . This unique ipod touch silicone case gives my iPod Touch a great look and style.And it is supposed to give your ipod Touch protection from scratches and minor drops.Dust resistant and keep dust from absorbing on the iPod Touch protector case for much static charge.Aha,Perfect collocation,Does it?IMO, it is a great accessories for iPod owner to have.

    Sincerely I think they’re just overpriced a little! So do my friends.But Don’t listen to anyone. If u’ve got the money go for the touch as well as the phone too. Its ur life man!!! If u dont then nobody can help u.

    And only one thinger want 2 complaint:The company claims that the Touch can play music for up to 22 hours and video for up to five hours on a single battery charger , even with Wi-Fi turned on. But in my tests, using factory settings, music playback lasted just under 17 hours and video playback lasted just over four hours. Nearly every other iPod I’ve tested, including the new Nano, handily beat Apple battery claims.

    Despite these downsides, the Touch is a great media player, and the iPod remains the best end-to-end portable solution for playing and purchasing ipod music clasic and ipod video .Well, the main reason i’d get the iPod touch over the classic is for the internet, I have a decent phone already (well, its a razr. so shoot me.) that…well…yeah, internet is the only reason, and that out of the 20gigs of music on my computer, I only listen to about 5gigs regularly, so it would work perfectly.

    Ah well, hopefully they’ll fix the screen tilt video straight on thing…

    [Edited at May 07, 2008 02:13:03 AM.]

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