Techlasers Infiniti 125mW Green Laser

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Let me start off by saying the Techlasers Infiniti 125mW Green Laser is NOT a toy. Most of your “run of the mill” laser pointers are rated at less than 5 mW (milliwatts) of output. This one weighs in at a hefty 125 mW. What does that mean? It means this baby will burn – literally. More on that later…

Hardware Specs

Average Output Power: 125mW – 135mW
Wavelength: 532nm (Green)
Dimensions: 13mm x 150mm (.5″ x 6″)
Power Supply: 2 * AAA Batteries
Switch: Push Button
Duty Cycle: 100% – 100sec
Operation Mode: CW
Transverse Mode: TEM00
Beam Diameter: 1.2mm @ Aperture
Beam Divergence: <1.2 mRad
Operating Temperature: 15 – 35 C (59-95 F)
Diode MTTF: 5,000 hours
Warranty Period: 3 Months

green laser

When I opened the package, I knew right away that this device was not for kids. The instruction manual states, “We highly recommend wearing laser safety goggles when operating this laser unit.” They weren’t exaggerating. I aimed the laser at my ceiling and the green dot was so bright it hurt my eyes. My laser safety goggles are on their way.

The pointer is well built and has a nice hefty feel. The metal casing is gloss-black with gold colored accents. The clip is very sturdy and holds tightly on to my shirt pocket.

green laser

The pointer takes 2 AAA batteries, which is a huge bonus. Most laser pointers I’ve ever had take 3 or more tiny (and expensive) button batteries that never last very long. I’ve been playing with this unit for a couple weeks now and I’m still on my initial set of batteries (!)

The first thing that strikes you when you fire this up is that the beam is visible in daylight. It’s not extremely bright, but you can definitely see it reflecting off of dust particles in the air. At night, or in a darkened room, it is quite visible. The beam is very narrow, much more narrow than it appears in the photographs.

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[Warning! Do not aim lasers at aircraft lest you find yourself in jail like this guy.]

green laser

The next thing that strikes you is how far the beam travels. Marketing materials claim the beam can travel for 36 miles. Although I haven’t been able to test that claim, I can tell you when aiming up into the night sky, it appears you can hit the stars. In fact, stargazers love green lasers and use them frequently to point out specific stars to others. I took some photographs of the beam while aiming into the sky, but the pictures don’t seem to accurately capture the distance. In the bottom picture, I was hitting the clouds.

green laser

green laser

So, why would anybody want such a gadget? Because it is truly geek chic. Remember when I said it will burn? This laser can pop balloons from a distance of several feet, maybe more (black balloons work best). It can cut electrical tape, light matches, and melt rubber and some plastics. The bottom of my shoe has several tiny holes in it from where I’ve demonstrated its power. I don’t recommend this laser as a presentation pointer as your audience would get a headache after about 3 seconds. But if you’re looking for the ultimate accessory for your pocket protector, this one is for you.


Product Information

  • Bright beam that you can even see in daylight
  • Uses regular AAA batteries
  • Powerful
  • Expensive
  • Can be dangerous

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  2. Yeah. Imagine a 36 mile long light saber. I must admit, now that you’ve made the comparison, it will be difficult to not make the distinctive ‘light saber’ sound when I next use it 😉

  3. Warn! warn laser is coming, warn laser can go through objectives like

    papers and light the match.
    120nm 532mw green laser is the cheapest laser on the world, only


  4. By Proxie, I have spent a great deal of time there. Most of my family lives there. I am a tech consultant, and spend most of my time on the road though. I appreciated this Review because I had been considering getting this laser as a presentation tool.

  5. Just got a 55mw laser, at 532nm (green); it will hit clouds, is too bright for indoors, will burn skin, etc. It is damn strong compared with the 5mw pointers I have been used to, but I definitely will be upgrading to the 125mw. I will stick with 532nm for the visibility, but, in time, I may pick up another color or two. For those who have never seen a powerful laser during a foggy night you have issed a wonder of our technological world! Yep, I believe I have become a laser nerd.


  6. Hi… I bought the Infiniti, I must say, what a work of art. I’m very happy with the laser. The laser is in need of repair. Were the light comes out of the tube. The light became distorted. So I took off the gold cap, and when I did a small round lens fell out. It looks chipped. The lens did hit the ground when it fell out of the tube. Could techlasers please send me some information to my email on how to get a new lens. Thanks

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