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Community sites like MySpace, Linked In and Facebook are online gathering places to connect with people of like minds, business interests, etc. As a Gadgeteer, how would you like to:

Meet other Gadgeteers just like you.
Access The Gadgeteer site from within a community site.
Share pictures and videos with other Gadgeteers.
Message and provide tips to other gadget freaks.
Write Blogs.
Chat with other gadget nuts live.
Invite your friends and family to join the fun.
Discover and join other communities.
Track all of it over your mobile phone or regular web browser.
…And make money by growing the size of your friends, colleague and family network.

If this sounds interesting to you, then join The Gadgeteer’s community at MyLifeBrand by clicking the button below.

1 thought on “The Gadgeteer Community Site on MyLifeBrand”

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  2. I just signed up and REALLY like it. I already have accounts with MySpace and Facebook but this site (MyLifeBrand) acts like an aggregator where I can login to just ONE SITE but be logged in and have access to ALL my other social networking accounts. AND, what’s really great, I can move seamlessly from one to another without having to login and out over and over. Also, looks like this site is still in it’s Alpha stage (I hear they’re launching FULL BLOWN this Summer) but when they go live, it looks like there will be a way for me to earn revenue by creating my own community — cool! Cha-ching! :o)

    Check it out by clicking Julie’s button at the bottom of her diary entry!

    — Sean, Orange County, Calif.

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