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You guys all know by now that I tend to switch phones as often as I change my socks. I’m always flitting from one phone to another, trying to find the one that will keep me satisfied for longer than a few days. For the most part the Treo 650 has been that phone for the past couple of years and now I’ve moved on to the 680. That said, I have continued to buy phones and use them for a day or so before always giving up and going back to the Treo. I’ve noticed that this has become a really bad habit and as a result, I have a whole drawer full of phones that I’ve purchased but never reviewed. Bad Julie!

So, what I’m going to do is pull a phone out of the drawer, use it for 2 full days, and then give a quickie overview / review of what I like and don’t like about it. It won’t be a full blown review, but hopefully the information that I provide will prove useful… even if it is for an older model phone.

First up is the HTC Excalibur AKA S620, AKA Dash. I started using this Windows Mobile Smartphone today and will continue doing so through tomorrow, with my report due on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

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  2. Great phone. I had one before I switched to the Blackjack. Don’t toss that s620 too far when you are done with it. According to smartphonethoughts and others – T-Mobile announced that the Dash (aka s620) will be one of the first phones upgradable to Win Mobile 6. So I’m sure that officially or unofficially an unlocked ROM will be available for your phone.

    Definitely a great phone – had some flakyness w/ the slider – it would freak out on me – flip back and forth etc – almost like a stuck key. Reset would fix it.

    My only other complaint is kind of like your squeeze test – only I call it the drop test. I didn’t think that it would survive the inevitable drop to a hard floor. Solid phone, fantastic battery life etc. I just felt like one good drop and it would be cracked or damaged beyond what I would be happy with.

  3. Gee Jules,

    I don’t reckon I’d want to be smelling your feet. I know you change phones often, but thats gotta be at least a month between sock changes!

    Please reassure us of your hygiene 🙂


  4. While I, like everyone else here, would love to continue to read your reviews on each of the phones you have, I’m sure we’re all a bit interested in changing the “recycling program” you currently utilize (i.e. instead of putting them in a the drawer, move them on to another owner perhaps?)

    Yeah, I know, I’m a greedy little ba..erm…person. I just like new toys as much as the next person. And though I’m not saying “Hey, give me your phone”, it may be a good idea to start perhaps a weekly giveaway, or a weekly or monthly auction on the phones.. Something so that the phone doesn’t have a short life, and others can get their hands on a “slightly used” toy that was mainly being used for review purposes..

    Anyway, that’s just my $.02.. Wait.. change that.. $.01.. I’m too broke to give two cents away right now.. 🙂 Anyway, I look forward to the reviews, and I hope you’ll respond to this in some way so at least I know you’ve heard my suggestion.


  5. Murray:
    You mean a person is supposed to change their socks more than once a month? Wow, who knew?!

    John M:
    Nice try ;o) Actually, I recently gave a phone away for someone to review for me. If you remember, Kerry Woo reviewed the Samsung i320. Unfortunately, I’ll probably not offer up any other devices / products up for review again as I’ve sent several things to people only to have them take them and never respond back to me with a review.
    I may give a phone away soon in a contest… so keep an eye out.

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