Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-09-08

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Everyone sing along with me… “Back home again… in Indianaaaaaa….” Yes, I’m back in good old boring Columbus, Indiana. Yay! I love New York City, but it’s sure nice to get back to my quiet house with deer in the yard and coyotes in the woods (yes, I saw 2 coyotes about 2 weeks ago). :o)

For those of you wondering how well the Dualcor cPC worked out as my travel computer, it did an ‘ok’ job. I won’t discuss some of the technical issues that I had with the device, given the fact that it is an engineering sample, and all those problems will hopefully be solved before the device is released for public sale.

For the past 5 days, I used the cPC almost exclusively as an XP device. I used it to check my email via a telnet shell, to surf the web via Firefox and to edit pictures using GIMP. While the cPC all by itself has a smaller footprint than my 12″ Powerbook, after adding the somewhat bulky AC adapter, Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth dongle and CF Wifi card the convenience factor does start to wane a bit for me.

I found that I really missed my PB while on this trip. This is mainly because I’m an Mac person now and I felt lost without all my OS X applications. I also missed having a larger display. The cPC’s display is fine for reading emails, but not so great for viewing digital images. Can you say “squint”?

I think the big issue for me is that I’m currently a Palm OS person, so I didn’t really use the Windows Mobile side of the cPC. So, I’ve decided that it’s about time for me to hop back to the Windows Mobile camp for awhile. This decision was solidified this past week when I had some issues with my Treo 650. The first issue I ran into was with uploading Flickr pix to my Flickr account. The 650 would not allow it using Blazer, Versamail or the built in SMS software. As soon as I came home, I tried the same operations using the Treo 700w and had no problems at all. Then my Treo decided to spontaneously turn on the cellular radio yesterday during my flight home. It was almost as if it was possessed, it kept turning the radio on, and I kept turning it off. And yes, I have a newer SIM holder.

As soon as Palm releases a new GSM Treo, I’m snapping one up. :o)

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