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Mini desktop computers like Apple’s Mac mini and AOpen’s Mini PC are really popular due to the fact that they are so small and don’t require vast amounts of desktop real estate. They make especially good media center (living room) computers for this very fact. Now, how about a mini keyboard to go along with that mini computer? Today I’m going to tell you about the Super Slim Keyboard from Brando USB.

This USB 2.0 QWERTY keyboard crams 77 low profile keys into a 8.5 x 4.25 x 0.5 inch (21.7 x 10.2 x 1.5 cm), 8 oz. (216 gram) package.

Three Green LEDs are located in the top right corner of the keyboard and show the status of the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys.

As you can see from the image above, this keyboard is very flat, with only a slight rise in the back.

Compared to a regular sized keyboard (pictured above is an Apple keyboard), the Super Slim looks very tiny. You could place 2 Super Slims side by side.

Even though this keyboard is half the size of what I’m used to working with, I was able to touch type on it with out too much difficulty. Key press action was fine, as was tactile feedback.

For the most part, I only encountered 2 problems during the review of this product.

The first problem was the location of the >/. key, which is located under the L key. On a full sized keyboard, the >/. is positioned farther to the right instead of almost directly under it, as we see here. As such, I would find that I would almost always end up with a “/” instead of a “.”. I’m sure with more practice, I could overcome this problem though.

The other problem is the fact that there is only one Shift key located on the left side, instead of one on each side. For a long time touch typist like myself, this issue would take awhile longer to adjust to.

This product is sturdy and well made. Although I would not want to use the Super Slim keyboard as my main input device, I think it would work fine as a keyboard for a Media Center computer in a living room or bedroom.


Product Information

Retailer:Brando USB
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP computer with a USB port
  • Small footprint
  • Quiet
  • Only 1 Shift key
  • Location of "." isn't optimal

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12 thoughts on “Brando Super Slim Keyboard”

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  2. I used a rebranded version of this keyboard while I used my Mac mini full-time. It was a good keyboard, but as you said the unconventional key arrangement took some getting used to. I ended up buying an Apple Keyboard, even though it’s more full-size, it’s still pretty small as keyboards go.

  3. This looks like the perfect keyboard for use with a tablet or UMPC!!!Too bad there’s not a Bluetooth version!!!


  4. isobutane:

    I think I’d rather use the ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard. It folds into a much smaller format when not in use 🙂

    BTW: Have you purchased a UMPC for your storm chasing adventures?

  5. Julie wrote:


    I think I’d rather use the ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard. It folds into a much smaller format when not in use 🙂

    BTW: Have you purchased a UMPC for your storm chasing adventures?

    I have the Thinkoutside IR keyboard, and I don’t like that I have to push lots of extra keys to get the characters I want. I had bought an OQO Model 01+ on Ebay, but it was not really a practical device for my needs, so I resold it…made a small profit from the sale, too! I did not like the membrane keyboard on the OQO, either…felt VERY cheap. For that much, they should have made it more robust. I was afraid my fingernail would puncture the membrane every time I used it.

    OQO just dropped their prices on the Model 01+, so a new model might be soon arriving. I am VERY disappointed that the Flipstart PC never made its debut…that was exactly the machine I have been looking for. Averatec’s purported UMPC looks intriguing as well. I brought my P1510D with me stormchasing, it worked out pretty well. With the exception of the extended battery sticking out a little, it is basically the same size as the Samsung Q1. Until they make them a little smaller (and why is it limited to 800 X 480? They could easily make it 800 X 600), I will pass.


  6. Great review!

    That looks like a nice little keyboard alright!
    It reminds me of one that Logitech sells for use with the PS2 gaming console.

    I have a REALLY old IBM keyboard that is similar but no where near as slim as that (and a now time-stained IBM grey)
    It’s big attraction for me at the time was that is had a built-in “eraser” pointing device and two PS2 plugs. It’s small size made it easy to carry, and I used it on a couple of my rack systems before giving it to a friend who went bonkers over it the same way I did at first.

    Maybe it’s the gadget freak in me, but cool keyboards hold the same attraction as a flashlight I haven’t seen before:

    You know what the heck it does, but you still have to check it out and maybe fiddle with it too despite that fact!

  7. Hi Julie,
    My life is made so much better because of your reviews.
    I have a question, do you think that this keyboard would work with a Samsung Galaxy 2?
    The other option, which I would also buy is the Asus, mini folding USB, which was in your 4 USB hub article.

    A big thank you, Alan

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