Vaja HT41 Pouch for HTC Apache & Wizard

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I am going to take a tiny bit of credit for the product that I’ll be
reviewing today, so if you like it, let me know. If you don’t like it…well,
what’s not to like?

Here’s the story: Soon after I purchased my

, also known as the HTC Apache, I contacted Vaja and asked when we
could expect a case from them this popular Windows Mobile 5 enabled Pocket PC
Phone Edition. Their reply was that they probably wouldn’t be making one.
However, they were already planning a pouch for the Qtek 9100 (HTC Wizard), and
they thought it might be easy enough to modify the case to accept both devices.
They did not have access to a PPC-6700 however, so I offered to purchase them a
dummy phone.

Several months later, I was the first reviewer to be sent the new

HT41 Pouch for HTC Apache & Wizard
. The first thing that I noticed about the
pouches I received, beyond the usual yummy smell of the Argentinean leather and
the gorgeous fall colors used to create my custom cases, was that the pouch
added surprisingly little bulk to my PPC-6700. Naked, the PPC-6700 measures
4.25" tall (not counting antenna) x 2.3" wide x 0.92" thick.

vaja ht41 apache1

In the case, the 6700 measures 4.52" long (not counting antenna) x 2.5" wide
x 1.3" thick. An HTC Wizard would have the same appearance, but without the
protruding antenna. In hand, the case is smooth and elegant, with the appearance
of a tailored clutch.

The HT41 is a custom Vaja case, which means that the person ordering has the
option of choosing which leathers – vitelino or aniline – will be used, as well
as their choice of color combinations. I asked for the

vitelino olive with vitelino latte accent stripe
. Some of the options
available were the addition of a belt loop (free) and personalization which can
add $10 to $30 depending upon the type chosen.

The only branding present anywhere on the case is the subtle and distinctive
Vaja logo, which appears to erupt from the bottom front corner of the case.

vaja ht41 apache2

The main difference between aniline and vitelino, is that vitelino has the
beautiful "cracked" appearance shown here, which is created by using extreme
pressure from glass rollers to polish the leather. Aniline is a finish that
leaves the natural features of the leather intact.

vaja ht41 apache3

The interior of the case is lined in a soft tan leather. Two magnetic snaps
keep the cover securely shut, yet allow for quick and easy access.

vaja ht41 apache4

Inside the cover are three miniSD slots. I am not usually a fan of card
holders in my PDA cases, but since Vaja did not place the holders so that the
inserted cards would come in direct contact with the PDA’s screen, I have no

vaja ht41 apache5

The base price of this pouch is $65, and using the pricier vitelino leather
adds an additional $6, for a total of $71 as shown.

Granted this case has one caveat: the pouch only offers protection to the
device when it is inserted. When making calls, charging and syncing, or using
the PDA functions, the PDA Phone must be removed and it will be unprotected.
However, the pouch will offer excellent storage protection in the users pocket,
briefcase, bag or on their belt.

I was also sent a

golden ochre aniline with brown aniline
case. Except for the leather type,
this case is exactly the same as the previous one discussed…

vaja ht41 apache6

…with the addition of a fixed belt loop, a free option, which can
accommodate up to a 1.25" strap.

vaja ht41 apache7

My case is special – instead of matching stitching, Vaja used contrasting

vaja ht41 apache8

This case is $65, because the aniline leather does not carry an added

I have to admit that the entire process was a bit bittersweet because by the
time I received these gorgeous cases, the PPC-6700 was no longer my main phone
nor was it my main PDA. Having such beautiful cases that will only fit my 6700
has made me sad, but not sad enough to stop using my JasJar (HTC Universal).

If you are using an HTC Apache or HTC Wizard, and you like the idea of being
able to keep your device in a protective and beautiful pouch, then I highly
recommend the Vaja HT41. Now I want something similar to protect my JasJar when
it is rolling around in the bottom of my bag…


Product Information

  • HTC Apache & Wizard - Sprint PPC-6700 - Verizon XV6700 - T-Mobile MDA Vario - i-mate K-JAM - Cingular 8125 - Qtek 9100 - Orange M3000 - O2 XDA mini s
  • Beautifully made of quality materials
  • Slim form factor
  • Storage for three memory cards
  • Esthetically pleasing
  • Must remove PDA Phone to use / charge

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