Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-05-14

Winners of the SLAPPA Laptop
Bag Contest are:

1.BulkHead PRO 4:1
Name : Lisa Lombard

2.BulkHead PRO 2:1
Name : Andrew Ferguson

3.FlipTop PRO
Name : Jim Latimer

4.Metro PRO
Name : Ed Mulholland

5.HardBody PRO
Name : Ronnie I. Mimran

6.Velocity PRO Backpack in Blue
Name : Mark Stheiner

7.Velocity PRO Backpack in Silver
Name : Charlene Scott

8.Velocity PRO Backpack in Black
Name : David Landers

9.Velocity PRO SPYDER
Name : Joseph Moore

Congrats to the winners!!! They were chosen at random from a
total of 302 correct entries.

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