Fortte HTC Apache/PPC-6700 Book Model PDA Case

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Looking for the perfect HTC Apache case has turned into an
obsession for quite a few of the device’s owners. But what is
perfect for one person may be the ultimate deal-breaker for
another. Some people want a case that protects every corner and
surface, while others want the thinnest possible design – one that
adds very little additional bulk or weight. Others are more
concerned with getting the maximum screen protection without losing
the ability to use the Phone Edition’s keyboard while it is in the
case. Still others want the simplest case possible, something that
basically carries the phone on their belt, protecting it from
accidental bumps and drops when it is not being used. Picking the
correct case for one’s device is a personal decision, and I
am sure that there are as many personal case requirements as there
are users. That’s why it is helpful that manufacturers are finally
starting to offer choices for this particular PDA Phone.

Today, I am going to take a look at the Fortte HTC
Apache/PPC-6700 Book Model PDA Case
. I’ll say up front that if
you are looking for a solution that will cover every corner
completely, one that will offer maximum corner protection during
drops, this one probably won’t be it. But if you are looking for a
case that offers maximum screen protection and the ability to use
the sliding keyboard without removing the PDA from the case, read

Fortte offers the basic Book Model PDA Case in a smooth grained
black leather. These cases are made in Bolivia, and their aromatic
black leather is complemented with matching stitches. The word
“fortte” is embossed under a metal badge containing their logo, a
castle turret.

fortte 6700 book style case1

The back of the case has proper cutouts to allow access to the
camera, speaker and mirror. The embossing on the bottom of the case
says “Genuine Leather, Vera Pelle” A snap
fastened in the upper left side is what’s visible of a leather
strap wrapped around the antenna nub; it is part of the means for
securing the PDA in the case.

fortte 6700 book style case2

In the case, the HTC Apache measures 4.5″ tall x 2.7″ wide x
1.5″ thick, and it weighs 8.8 ounces. For comparison sake, when
naked the PDA Phone measures 4.3″ tall x 2.3″ wide x 0.9″ thick,
and it weighs 6.6 ounces.

As this picture shows, when in the case the corners of the
PPC-6700 are left a bit exposed, although its front and back sides
are completely covered. The open design of the case’s sides allows
unfettered access to the voice recorder button and the volume
control slider. When the tab is open, the Explorer button and the
Infrared port are exposed.

fortte 6700 book style case3

The two leather covered prongs seen at the base of the 6700 are part of the
holster system, and their placement allows access to the reset
button, sync & charge port and the headphone jack on the bottom
of the PDA.

fortte 6700 book style case4

The top of the case allows easy access to the power button,
miniSD slot and the stylus silo in the antenna. There is a leather covered “bumper” which rests against the top of the PDA, helping to keep
the 6700 in place.

fortte 6700 book style case5

The right side of the case has a cutout design which allows the
camera button to be operated whether or not the case’s flap is

fortte 6700 book style case6

The case is held shut with a magnetic snap on the end of a
leather tab. The cover is 0.22″ inches thick, and it is reinforced
with a molded plastic insert. It should be more than adequate to
protect the 6700’s screen.

fortte 6700 book style case7

Those that use the 6700 without a headset may not like that the
case must be opened in order to place or answer calls. While the
opened case can certainly be folded back to allow holding the PDA
to the user’s face during calls, it can be a little awkward.

Inside the case is the holster system which consists of the
previously seen “bumpers”, two small leather covered tabs on
either side of the PDA…

fortte 6700 book style case8

…and the leather strap fitted around the antenna. I found that
once seated my 6700 sat solidly in the holster. As long as the
leather strap stays snapped around the antenna, the PDA will stay
safely ensconced.

fortte 6700 book style case9

On the back wall of the screen protecting flap, there is a small
black and green cloth Fortte label, with two recessed miniSD card
slots. I generally don’t like to carry memory cards where they
might come into contact with my PDA’s screen, but the way the slots
are recessed works in tandem with the leather edge of the case and
the plastic frame around the PDA’s screen. Even with pressure on
the top of the case’s cover, the cards do not come into contact
with the 6700’s screen.

Because of the case’s design, the 6700’s sliding keyboard can be
easy opened or closed. When thumb-typing, I kept the leather tab
closure out of the way by holding it behind the case with my

fortte 6700 book style case10

Fortte cases are available with or without a removable
360º swivel belt clip, and for an
additional $8.00 to $20.00 the user can select one of their

other available premium leathers and color combinations
. There
is no need to play it safe and stick with plain black or brown;
those that want a bright splash of color can get “watermelon“.
For an additional $15, the user’s name can be embossed, or for an
additional $25 a company logo can be used instead. One could
basically double the price of the case by adding options, but in
the end it would be a truly personalized case.

If you have been looking for an HTC Apache case that offers maximum screen protection, unobstructed use of all of the PDA’s features, personalization options and a reasonable price, then you may want to take a look at Fortte.


Product Information

  • HTC Apache / PPC-6700 Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • Offers maximum screen protection
  • Easy access to all ports and buttons
  • Holds two miniSD cards
  • Allows use of sliding keyboard
  • Available in many colors other than just black or brown
  • Corners are not protected
  • Case must be opened to make or take calls when not using headset

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