Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-05-08

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I have a couple of Monday Give-Aways to, well…give away!

First up is a CD with the Handmark
Handheld Edition of
Trivial Pursuit
. This will work on Smartphones, Palms and Pocket PCs and
Pocket PC Phone Editions.

According to the Handmark site, "The world’s most popular trivia game is
now available for users of Palm Powered™ and Windows Mobile handheld devices and
smartphones. With incredible new game features, the TRIVIAL PURSUIT® Handheld
Edition rewards the clever, while still highlighting everyone’s trivia talents.
The game features over 1600 questions in six categories- Sports and Leisure,
Arts and Entertainment, History, Science and Nature, People and Places, and Wild

"In Classic mode, players of the board game will find comfort in its
familiarity, while experiencing the benefits of automated card selection, rolls
of the die and token movement. Flash mode offers a ladder-style version of the
TRIVIAL PURSUIT® game in which one to six players take turns answering
questions. Players move up the ladder with every correct answer and the first
player to reach the top rung and answer the final questions is the winner. Play
in single player mode or against two to six opponents in local hot seat mode and

• Over 1600 multiple choice and true/false questions

• Two modes of play
– Classic play, the beloved original in a snazzy setting
– Flash mode, a quick fix TRIVIAL PURSUIT® game

• Multiplayer support of 2-6 players over Bluetooth and IR (Infrared)

• Multiplayer lobby offers a meeting place for a networked game including
chat among players

This game has a value of $19.99.


I also have a CD with Handmark‘s
Monopoly & Scrabble.
This will work with Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phone Editions and Palm OS PDAs.

According to the Handmark site, "Now you can play the world’s most popular
board games on your Palm OS or Pocket PC device! Handmark SCRABBLE utilizes a
drag-and-drop tile placement interface, automatically scores every play and
includes the Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary. Now you can view all the
definitions and increase your vocabulary while you play!

"Play MONOPOLY, the world’s most popular property trading game on your
Palm OS device and experience the thrill of owning it all right in the palm of
your hand! Buy, sell, rent, and auction property with up to 4 players!

Practice your MONOPOLY skills at any time by playing against up to three
computer opponents with 8 different "identities" and playing styles. Or you can
mix any combination of real people and computer players in any game.

This game has a value of $29.99.


How do you get one of the copies? Be one of the first two people to send
me a Gadgeteer of the Month entry!

If you are the first to send an entry, you will get the Monopoly &
Scrabble disk. If you are the second, then you will get the Trivial Pursuit
disk. If you are the third or fourth? Then I will reach into my bag of schwag
and find something to send you – never fear.

I will post here once the two games have been given away, so write up a
GOTM entry and send it in!

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