CooLanyard Digi-Grip Camera Finger Ring

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If you aren’t the type that likes to wear your camera on a neck-strap, a
wrist strap is always an option. But what if a wrist strap isn’t quite what you
want to wear either? Well, there is always the
offered by established eBay store owner

Julian Harrison

According to his eBay auctions, "If your finger is good enough to press
the shutter release, it should be good enough to grip the camera!
" The
principle behind the Digi-Grip is that instead of using a wrist strap, the
camera operator’s shutter finger can actually wear a spring ring which is
attached to the top strap mount  post. The Digi-Grip measures about 2" long
from end to end. The larger spring ring, which is to hold the user’s pointer
finger, measures approximately 1" in diameter. A small piece of pink rubber
tubing rests on a portion of the ring for cushioning.

This is how it works…

The small spring ring end of the Digi-Grip is attached to the strap mounting

Once mounted, the user slips his or her finger through the ring to a
comfortable spot. I can wear this ring either midway on my finger or all the way
at the finger’s base and still operate the shutter and zoom controls.

An interesting property of the Digi-Grip is its ability to quickly release
from the smaller spring ring. Usually, the snug black plastic sleeve is pushed
towards the smaller spring ring. This keeps the j-hooks closed.

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To open them, the black sleeve must be pushed towards the larger spring ring.

Once the j-hooks are exposed, the Digi-Grip can be removed, allowing any
other security attachment to be used in its place.

I have had the Digi-Grip on my camera for almost a month, and it did take a
bit of getting used to. I am accustomed to a wrist strap resting on the back of
my hand as I take pictures, but with the Digi-Grip, it is just my finger
supporting almost two pounds of digital equipment. Since I am known for my
klutziness, I really didn’t think that such a miniscule item would make be feel
secure, but it is managing pretty well – I haven’t dropped anything yet! In
fact, having the Digi-Grip on my finger seems to make me grip the camera harder
– it is almost like a constant reminder to hold on.

Steve doesn’t like the Digi-Grip at all, however. His fingers are larger than
mine and he can’t insert his pointer all the way through the ring, which makes
him uncomfortable while taking photos. For that reason, I would say that in this
sense the Digi-Grip is definitely a "your mileage may vary" type gadget.
However, for those that don’t use any type of wrist strap on their cameras at
all, this may be a security device worth trying. For the price, Digi-Grips would
make good stocking stuffers for your favorite photographer.

Update added 12/21/05: Julian has sent me the
the newest generation of Digi-Grip Finger Ring, and it may solve the size
problems that men with larger fingers would have faced with the previous
version. According to Julian, "The new ring is 0.100" larger than the old
ring so the old ring outside dimension is now the new ring inside dimension.

I can confirm that the newer version is indeed larger,
and it now fits Steve’s pointer finger.


Product Information

  • A digital camera with an attachment point
  • Minimalistic security for those who don't want a wrist strap

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