BoxWave ClearTouch Crystal for the Samsung SPH-i500

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Samsung SPH-i500
is a unique PDA phone in that it uses not one, but two
screens for display and data entry. BoxWave
is the only company I am aware of that takes into account both of these screens
in their line of protectors.

Today I will take a look at their

ClearTouch Crystal for the Samsung SPH-i500
. Included in the package is a
screen cloth, a squeegee and a protector sized for each of the i500’s two

Like other premium protectors, the ClearTouch uses a silicone based adhesive
which allows for easy application and removal from the phone’s screen. These
next generation protectors are long lasting, cleanable and reusable. The
ClearTouch Crystal is, as the name implies, crystal clear.

Once applied, the colors of the PDA’s screen shine through – in their full
unmuted glory.

The protector made for the graffiti area protects this portion from scratches
and other damage that can occur.

As with other BoxWave protectors I have reviewed in the past, I found these
to be perfectly cut to the size of the PDA’s screen. Writing on the protected
screen was smooth, very similar to writing on a naked PDA’s screen.

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The beauty of this new generation of screen protectors is that they can last
for many months – even years. Place this protector on your PDA phone, and you
may never have to think about protection again. I call it cheap insurance!

Price: $12.95

Extremely clear screen protection
Long lasting
Removable, cleanable, reusable
Inexpensive screen insurance


Product Requirements:
Samsung SPH-i500


Product Information

  • Extremely clear screen protection
  • Long lasting
  • Removable, cleanable, reusable
  • Inexpensive screen insurance
  • None

7 thoughts on “BoxWave ClearTouch Crystal for the Samsung SPH-i500”

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  2. Just because it sometimes matters, did you try different USB ports? Or a port on a (powered) hub?

    I’ve heard of machines where that can make a real difference in how much power the USB port can supply.

  3. Good point – some USB ports turn off their 5V power if current draw exceeds 500 mA. and that 500 mA is shared if you connect an unpowered hub to one port.

  4. Oh yah, I sure did.

    So that I don’t have to paraphrase, here is the letter I sent Abe (our BoxWave contact)…

    “[I]Hi Abe,

    I hope you didn’t get too alarmed by the mini-sync review, I certainly don’t feel it is even your fault that it didn’t perform as expected. Here’s why:

    You should know that there are only *maybe* 30 i550s in the United States. Not all of them are even functional – much less in the hands of actual users. To the best of my knowledge, there are *less than ten* in actual user’s hands (I know of five). I guess what I am trying to say is that even though it is supposed to have the same port as the i500, it’s not like manufacturers such as yourself ever actually got one to test products on – so I hope you understand that I am not that worried about it not charging. I also feel safe in saying that I doubt any that were purchased in the past were bought specifically for the i550 – they were probably for the i500 (with which it works *perfectly*).

    With that said: I tried it in my Dell computers 2.0 USB port, my Gateway laptop’s 1.0USB port, and in my VersaCharger. Interesting note – when it was plugged into the VersaCharger, the red LED on the charger came on and (of
    course) it would not charge the i550.

    I also tried the mini-sync attached to your portable USB battery adapter charger, which will be in an upcoming review, with no luck.

    If there is anything else you would like me to try, I’ll be happy to – but I honestly think that it is a fault with the i550 somehow – although I don’t know what keeps it from working. If you would like, I’d be happy to send you the charging cable that came with my i550 – the release button on top broke, so I have been using the i500’s cradle and charger instead. You are welcome to see if there is something different about it or if it is somehow allowing more of a power draw.

    Best regards,
    Judie :0)[/I]”

    Abe’s reply,

    Thanks for your reply. I just realized that Sprint had cancelled the wide
    release of the i550 – which would explain some of the finicky issues that
    are out there. I appreciate your vote of confidence that it’s not an issue
    of our product, but the phone itself.

    Thanks for the extra info on what computers and chargers you tested on. As
    far as the VersaCharger goes, depending on how “power-hungry” a device is,
    it will determine how well the VersaCharger will work. We’re working on an
    update to keep up with the more common “power-hungry” devices that are
    coming out these days.

    I may take you up on your offer to check out your cable so we can see what’s
    different about it. I take it that this cable effectively sync and charges
    the i550? I’ll have to get back to you on that. Since the i550 isn’t really
    out there, I’m not sure how much of a press there would be to make
    significant rewiring, but it would be good for research. I appreciate your
    help. 🙂


  5. Judie,

    For what it’s worth, the minisync that I bought a while back for my i500 <u>does</u> charge the i550. The charge indicator doesn’t show up, but if you leave it plugged in it charges. I don’t get any kind of charge indication with the i500 AC adapter either, but it works also.

    Still lovin’ the i550! 😀


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