Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-06-20

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I’ve been using my new HR10-250 DirecTV / TIVO PVR for a few days now and so far I like it. Being able to record and pause live HD programming is great! I do have a few gripes though… The guide is slower to navigate than my 5040 ReplayTV, and I no longer have the automatic commercial skip. The commercial skip isn’t a big deal though as the TIVO will back up 5-10 seconds before the point you stop fast forwarding, so you won’t miss anything. The only other problem that I have with this unit is hardware related. Out of the box, the HDMI port was dead. Luckily the person I purchased it from on eBay is going to send a replacment. I guess dead HDMI ports on this particular unit is common. I’m not too bummed because I have the box connected using component cables and the picture is great. That said, I hope the 2nd unit has a good HDMI port.

In other news: We were going to make the switch to the new site design over the weekend, but Saturday afternoon the new server decided to go kaboom. We’ve been keeping an eye on it the rest of the weekend and if all goes well, we’ll probably make the new site permanent before the middle of the week. Keep your fingers crossed! Which reminds me, thanks to all of you that have sent your comments about the new design. So far they have been overwhelmingly positive. Keep the comments coming please!

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