Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-06-18

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I have finally got the i550 to do just about everything that I want or
need it to do: It’s working perfectly on the Sprint PCS network and I’ve signed
up for the Vision plan so I have all of the data I care to access. It is working
very well as a supplementary PDA, carrying the few Palm OS programs that
I always want on hand but that aren’t available for (or don’t work as well with)
the Pocket PC OS. No, I still have not been able to get it to hot-sync, but I
have found a work-around for just about every scenario.

I’ve been told that if I can wait a couple of weeks then there might be a way
I can get the i550 to sync with some updated software that may become available.
Well, I waited over a year for this phone, I can wait a bit longer for a sync
fix! Evidently my phone is a newer version (Oct ’04) than some of the few other
i550s floating around in the US, and that is why it won’t sync with the older
i500’s software – it figures! In the meantime, I am continuously impressed with
this device in just about every way.

If reading eBooks wasn’t such a huge part of my PDA use, then I really could
see using the i550 as my daily driver. In the meantime, it is the perfect
phone for me. If you want a run down on most of its specifications, be sure to

read this
. If you prefer the flip-phone style verses the "candy bar" of the
Treo line, and you want access to Digital as well as Analog networks, then
show your support
for the release of the Samsung i550. You should also take a look at this

To completely change gears for a moment: I think that I may have found the
2005 equivalent to the plasma ball –
‘s G-Force
music visualization software. When music is playing through most of today’s
popular media programs, the user’s computer screen will constantly change as it
displays beautiful patterns and designs. There are some
great screenshots
on SoundSpectrum’s site, but do like I did and
try the free demo.

We’re headed to Missouri to visit family for the next eight days. I hope that
you all have a wonderful week! :0)

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