Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-03-01

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Technology is reaching all corners of industry, and some of its applications are
imaginative and ecological. Take a look at IdleAire, a product designed specifically for cross country “big-rig” drivers.

Most of us are aware that these truckers basically live out of their rigs and that many of these
vehicles are set up like a small home on wheels. Driving down the interstate at night, you have probably noticed how there will be rows of trucks parked at stops
while the drivers catch up on much needed rest. Were you aware that almost every one of those trucks
is left idling while the driver sleeps in order for their cab to stay heated or cooled?
As you can imagine, this results in pollution and diesel waste. IdleAire is doing something about that.
For a cost of $1.25 an hour, truck drivers at stops equipped with IdleAire
stations can receive air conditioning or heated air, cable television,
electricity, internet as well as an Ethernet and phone jack in the cab of their
truck without running their engine. This cost per hour is about the same as
burning a gallon of diesel and hour, but it results in less wear and tear on
their engines and the atmosphere.
As I write this, there are only three IdleAire equipped truck stops in Texas
(thirteen in the US total), with more under construction. I am hoping that this
solution will become a common feature at every truck stop along the
interstate across the country. :0)

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