Active Armor HP iPAQ 2200 Series Case Review

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Product Requirements:
HP 2200 series iPAQ

It’s been about a year an a half since I reviewed a
from Active Armor. This company, known
for its rubberized play through Handspring PDA case, is back with a brand new
case for the HP2200 series iPAQ. Available in orange, blue and grey, this case
is made of Santoprene rubber, with a polycarbonate clear flip lid.

Inserting the PDA into the case is a simple operation, as the case can flex
and stretch as needed. Once inserted, all but one of the iPAQ’s features are
fully available for use. The top is open to provide access to the headphone
jack, memory card slots and stylus silo. Small slit cutouts allow you to see the
status LEDs blink while in the case. The back of the case has a large cutout for
the speaker, as well as a small access hole for the reset switch. Really, the
only thing you can’t do while your PDA is in the Active Armor case, is sync and
charge with a cradle. Cables work fine though.

While in the case, the buttons on the PDA are covered with the rubber
material. However, they are fully operational. Small bumps are molded into the
rubber to facilitate button pressing. In my opinion, pressing the buttons while
in the Active Armor case, is actually easier than without the case. Game players
will be happy to learn that this case will not hinder them in any way.

A nice clear plastic flip lid that can open 180 degrees, is integrated into
this case too. It closes securely, and can be removed easily if desired.

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The most interesting thing about this product, is the ribbed sides. While this
design really helps to give you a better grip on the PDA, it also aids in drop
protection. These ribs help to absorb any impact shock if you happen to drop
your PDA on a hard surface.

I really like the Active Armor case because it isn’t the same old run of the
mill PDA case. It’s play through, protects my PDA from drops and looks cool too.
About the only thing that I would change about this case, would be to cover more
of the back side of the PDA. Otherwise, I think most HP 2200 series owners will
find this to be a nice addition to their PDA.


Price: $29.95

Play through
Removable clear flip lid
Side drop protection

Can’t sync / charge with cradle while in the case
Top, back area of case is minimally protected


Product Information

Manufacturer:Active Armor
  • Play through
  • Removable clear flip lid
  • Side drop protection
  • Can't sync / charge with cradle while in the case
  • Top, back area of case is minimally protected

8 thoughts on “Active Armor HP iPAQ 2200 Series Case Review”

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  2. I’ve had a blue Active Armor case for my 2210 for about a month. I’ve been really impressed – it’s a lot less bulky than my Krussell leather case. I don’t give my PPC rough treatment really – I carry it around in a courier bag with my phone and Stowaway keyboard – but the clear polycarbonate lid on the case is now heavily scratched, which reduces its usefulness as well as appearance. So if you want one of these, be sure to carry it around extremely carefully (and if you’re doing that anyway, you could just detach the lid)…contrary to the rugged built-for-anything appearance. The rubber main part of the case is excellent, but it’s let down by the lid.

  3. I really wish they’d add a rubber bottom that is removeable or something to facilitate hooking up to a Cell phone, syncing and charging. I rarely use my 2215 without it hooked up to something else one way or another, and that is what stopped me from considering this case after being initially wowed by it.

  4. In fact, I’m going to get one of these cases from ActiveArmor as soon as I can, complicated only by my being a Brit and them not having a worldwide distribution chain.

    Re: scratching of screen–this is also true of my current CrystalCase, which also makes a feature of being tough polycarbonate. It’s a bit of a pain because all gentle abrasives for cleaning ‘hard plastic’ (including toothpaste and microfibre blocks) will ruin it still further, so AFAIK there is no good way of getting it back to previous condition.

    However, in the case of the ActiveArmor, which is probably going to be my favourite case ever once I manage to get one, they advertise replacement plastic screen covers for about $5. My iPaq is going to live in it and have the screen cover changed every so often.

    The review mentions it’s a shame that the back is not covered, but I’m not at all bothered about that. I used to read those “PDA graveyard” horror stories fairly frequently, and people consistently seem to report that if their PDA has landed on its back on the floor or pavement it isn’t likely to be much harmed. However, several people reported that they’ve trashed their handheld by it landing even quite lightly on a corner, and there’s the obvious possibility of screen damage. So my ideal case protects all the corners and the screen, and has a see-through screen cover. The AA sounds as if it fits the bill.

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