Julie’s Gear Diary – 2004-01-10

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Hi folks, we're baaaack from CES! Wow, according to those in the know, this was the largest Consumer Electronics Show to date. Judie and I are in definite agreement with that fact, given that we had to fight the throngs of people for the past two days. My feet still hurt from all the walking that we did. We met some great people, saw quite a few interesting products and will have a full trip report posted later next week. As a teaser, here are a few things from the show that stick out in my mind at the moment.

#1 The SPOT watches from Fossil. These are the watches that use FM technology to retrieve bits of info from MSN Direct. I've been wanting one of these watches since they first were announced, and now both Judie and I have one. Although neither of us have coverage in our areas, we are in love with the watches…

#2 Jeep Electronics had a wide variety of outdoor type electronic gear, from cooler boomboxes, to rechargeable battery jumpers and portable TVs with built in spot lights.

#3 The ZVUE $99 handheld video/audio player. With a price point that low, I wasn't expecting very much. But from the short demo that we received, I was really impressed with this gadget.

Time to go catch up on my email and throw on a sweater. I left Las Vegas in the 60's, and came home to Indiana in the 20's. Brrrrrr!

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