Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-01-10

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CES was great, but slightly overwhelming! As Julie mentioned, while our
SPOT watches won't work
where we live, we were impressed enough that we went ahead and got them. I'll
leave it to Julie to describe hers, but I got the

Dick Tracy
model, and I love it! I have finally got the wrist communicator
of my childhood dreams! Now when I travel to a major North American city, I
will never be cut off from my personalized content and text messages.
I am in the process of trying out some of the products that we saw at CES, a few
of which include:

#1 The CarChip E/X. I had been using
this product for about a week before I brought it to the Davis booth at CES. The
CarChip plugs into just about any 1996 and up vehicles' OBDII connector and
gathers all sorts of useful automotive data. Julie and I found it quite
enlightening to see both Steve's and my driving styles graphically displayed on
a computer monitor. I'm still gathering information for the review, but let's
just say that it is obvious which driver in my household has the lighter foot…

#2 The LobeMan FM Radio.
I wore this gadget for 45 minutes, almost as a dare from Julie; she thought the
earpiece would bug me within moments.  Not only did it not hurt my ear, I
was actually impressed with the clear FM signal that I was  receiving in
our Vegas hotel room. I had begun to think that our walls must be lined in lead,
since my PCS phone would not get a good signal, but the LobeMan picked up quite
a few stations loud and clear.

#3 The Parental Internet Control Key.
Now I will finally be able to enforce Sarah's daily time limit on the computer, truly “ground her” from email and internet when she is in “trouble,” and generally be a pain in the booty parent…even when I am not at home! Mmmmuwah-ah-ah!

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