Krusell Handit Sony CLIÉ NZ90 Case with Multidapt Review

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Product Requirements:
Sony CLIÉ NZ90

Can you believe that I have never once reviewed a
Krusell case? It’s really quite amazing
when you think of all the different ones that have passed though my hands over
the years. I can remember hearing the Krusell name when
Whitney LuBean started using them to
create his CF Sleeve
cases for the (then) Compaq iPAQ. Obviously, for Whitney to use them, I figured
they must be a quality product. Now that I actually have my first Krusell in
hand, I can understand their appeal.

I received the case for the Sony CLIÉ NZ90, but there are versions avaiable
for just about every popular PDA.

Comprised of small grained black leather with matching stitching, the Krusell
uses a deceptively simple flip-case style. The only branding on the exterior of
the case is the tasteful metal logo badge on the bottom front.

The case is kept closed with a snapping tab, which can be used in either of
two snaps on the rear. Adding the second snap was clever, because once there are
a couple of memory sticks, ID or credit cards added into the flap’s interior
pockets, it would be easy for this case to suffer from the same problem that
plagues many of this design – the inability to close. Obviously, this is not the
situation, here.

An added benefit to the snap and tab design is that by folding the flip lid
backwards and snapping from that direction, a much more secure method for
handling the PDA is created.

The leather used in this case is a softer Napa style which feels great to the
touch. It has been reinforced in the screen area with corrugated cardboard and
foam, which makes it a little puffier than I ordinarily like, but there is no
denying the added protection to the screen. The back of the case fells like it
is comprised of several layers of leather, giving it a more rigid, stiffer feel.

Whereas other NZ90 cases I have reviewed seemed to gap over the PDA’s
hump-back, the Krusell manages to hug every curve.

Opening the flip-lid reveals a leather wallet area built into the lid. There
is room for two memory sticks and up to three ID or credit cards. A black tag
with the Krusell logo in red is sewn into the edge.

The area that lines the holster is finished in a fuzzy nylon, similar to the
material used in eyeglass cases. This should protect the NZ from unnecessary
wear. The holster itself is comprised of leather sides with a clear vinyl that
covers the keyboard area.

I don’t generally use the keyboard on my NZ90, and I prefer to keep my PDA in
portrait mode, so the vinyl holster is not a bother to me. If I did use the
keyboard, I would not approve of it because it lands in the upper 1/4 of the
second line of keys. It would make typing (or should I say "thumbing") on the
keyboard feel weird and slightly clammy – with the added bonus of an extra ridge
of plastic on that line of keys…no thanks.

There are sufficient cutouts all around the bottom of the case to allow for
using the various buttons and features…

The right side allows easy access to the jog-dial, back button and voice
recorder. There is a reset button hole, but on my case it was not quite lined up
right. The case is quite tight-fitting when new, so it is possible that with
more use it would loosen up enough to properly allow access.

The bottom of the Krusell has a cutout to allow access to the WiFi/CF slot…

The right side has cutouts for the power slider, hold button, memory Stick
slot, head-phone jack and camera-capture button.

The flip-lid of the case wraps back far enough to allow unfettered use of the
camera. It does not fold back far enough to allow syncing or charging, even with
a cable, so you will have to remove the CLIÉ from this case every time you need
to sync or charge.

The rear of the case has cutouts for the CLIÉ’s speaker, as well as the
female receiver for their Multidapt
system (sold separately). You can watch a presentation on this system

The Krusell case is refreshing in that it is an excellent quality case for a
surprisingly low price. If you have been on the fence, trying to find a
belt-clip case that did a lot without breaking the bank, then you might want to
take a look at the Krusell.

Krusell cases are not available directly from the manufacturer, they must be
purchased from either online or brick and mortar stores. Here are some

to start with.

Price: $29.99

Great price
Extremely well made
Padded screen protection
Easy access to memory stick

Reset button hole is not centered
Case must loosen a bit before it is easy to insert and remove PDA
Must remove PDA for syncing and charging
Vinyl holster covers keys


Product Information

  • Great price
  • Extremely well made
  • Padded screen protection
  • Easy access to memory stick
  • Reset button hole is not centered
  • Case must loosen a bit before it is easy to insert and remove PDA
  • Must remove PDA for syncing and charging
  • Vinyl holster covers keys

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  2. Great review. These are the only cases I will purchase and I’ve had many. They are uniformly of high quality. I particularly like to purchase them from

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