Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-08-18

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There is a reason why I always get excited when Handmark comes out with an official Palm or Pocket PC version for one of my favorite games. Simply put, Handmark's versions are the real deal and not someone's idea of a “decent” substitute. Their colors are correct, their graphics are beautiful, their sounds (for PDAs that can handle them) are what you would expect, and best of all – they can actually call a game by its real name, and not some cheesy derivitive thereof, because a portion of what you pay when you buy the software is actually going to the company that owns the game.
Y'all already know how much I love Scrabble, another of Handmark's official versions, but this week they have made me really happy and released Yahtzee, one of my favorite games ever! As I have come to expect only the very best from Handmark, I was not dissapointed in the least when I loaded Yahtzee for the first time. Here are some of the highlights: The game itself can be loaded to a memory card (the sound file needs to be directly in RAM), you enter your name as well as any otheer players – which is diplayed at the top of your tally card, there is a satisfying sound of die shaking in a cup as they visibly roll on screen, there is applause when you roll a yahtzee (5 of a kind), and possible combinations are pointed out to you as you roll them. I fully expect that I will be hooked on this game for some time. :0)

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