Vaja iVod 3G iPod Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Apple iPod 30gb

If you’re as fanatical about protecting your
iPod as I am, then you undoubtedly
keep it in a case either while transporting it, or using it. Sure, the iPod
ships with a slipcase, but who actually uses the cases that come with their
gadgets? Can I see a show of hands? Uh huh, that’s what I thought… :o) 
I’ve only reviewed a couple of cases for the iPod and so far, the
Vaja iVod 3G has to be both the
snazziest and most expensive.

The iVod case is made of leather and is available with or without a Ultra
clip belt clip. It is also available in a multitude of color combinations. If
you don’t see a color that you like from their selection, then you must be color
blind. The case I received for review was the Caterina White / Caterina White
with Ultra clip. I’m usually not too thrilled with the color white, but in this
case, it actually does flatter the already white iPod.

The iVod is unlike most leather cases on the market. It feels more like a
hard shell case, rather than a soft leather case. Reinforced with 3 layers of
ABS plastic, this case does an excellent job of protecting your musical friend.
The iVod is actually molded and assembled in such a way that you don’t see any
stitching or raw edges. This gives the case a very stylish look and feel.

The best part of the iVod is the fact that it has a play through design. Once
you insert the iPod, you really have no need to remove it. The iPod slides into
the case and is held there securely like a hand in a glove. The interior of the
case is satin, so there shouldn’t be any worries that inserting and removing
will cause scratches.

Although it looks like the entire face of the iPod is open and accessible, it
really isn’t. A clear plastic window is attached to the case which protects the
display. Cutouts in this window allow you to press the 4 menu buttons and easily
access the circular wheel on the front of the iPod. Viewing the display through
the clear window is distortion free in both normal and backlit modes. The button
cutouts are lined up perfectly and actually make it easy to press the
appropriate button by feel alone.

The bottom of the case has a cutout for the sync / charge cable, while the
top of the case allows access to the hold switch and earphone jack. No, you can
not use the docking station while the iPod is in this case. Unfortunately, it
will not fit. The cable however, fits just fine.

The iVod is a great looking case that will protect your iPod while allowing
you to use all functions without needing to remove it. If the price tag doesn’t
scare you away, then you’ll definitely love this case.


Price: $85.90

Play through
Great style

Not syncable in docking station


Product Information

  • Play through
  • Great style
  • Expensive
  • Not syncable in docking station

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