Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-06-27

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How cool is this? Months and months ago – back in December – Julie and I made wishlists at Amazon. Almost as a joke, we posted our wishlist links on our diary pages. Included in our lists were things we never thought we would get (like plasma TVs and digital cameras), hoped we would get (like DVDs, Playstation games and books), and things we might eventually buy for ourselves (like PDAs). Well, the other day I got a FAB surprise from Steve Butterworth: The Sum of All Fears DVD. YAY! Included was the note: “Excellent review. Buying iPAQ 5455 on the basis of it to replace and aging Clie PEG-N760C which I loved, but battery life unpredictable. Have a look at Krussell cases… Enjoy the movie – it's a good one.”
Well, I have watched the movie, and I have to say that the scene where the atomic bomb goes off was breathtaking! I love the Jack Ryan movies – and even though it was weird to see the character go from Alec Baldwin to Harrison Ford, to Ben Affleck, the movie was still very good in my opinion. I will also give the Krussell cases a look. Thanks again Steve! :0)

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