Covertec Pocket PC Phone Edition Case Review

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Product Requirements:
HTC/T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition, Siemens SX56,

I am always on the lookout for a great case, and I have been pleased with the
mid-range offerings that Covertec has provided in the past. I generally find
their products to be well constructed, stylish, and reasonably priced. Their
case for the Pocket PC Phone Edition is no exception.


The Covertec Phone Edition case is available in three leather colors, black
red and gold – which is essentially a light brown, so don’t let the name scare
you. I received the gold case and was pleased to see that it was the color of a
football, instead of the yellow I would have expected based on the name. This
case also had nicely contrasting tan stitching.

The case is a play-through flip-style, being held closed with a magnetic snap
on its rear. The only branding on the exterior of the case is the small swoop on
the front bottom right of the flip-lid. This is not a gaudy brand marker, so you
won’t have to worry about raising eyebrows if you whip this case out during a
business meeting.

Unfastening the flip-lid reveals the interior of the case, which is lined in
what appears to be a thin vinyl of the same color as the tan stitching. There
are two ID or credit card slots, as well as two SD or MMC memory card slots. The
word "Covertec" is embossed above the card slots, and once again, this marking
is subtle and non-offensive.

The Phone Edition is held in place by a tightly fitting half-holster that
securely grips the bottom of the PDA. There are ample cutouts for every port or
access point on the bottom. While it is not possible to charge or sync the Phone
Edition in the case using the cradle, you can use a sync/charging cable easily.

When closed, the case offers protection to the front, back, and most of the
lower half of the Phone Edition.

The Covertec does not add a lot of weight or bulk to the Phone Edition. Here
are some facts and figures:

  Height Width Thickness Weight
Naked PPC Phone Edition 5.1" (12.9cm) 2.9" (7.5cm) 0.7" (1.8cm) 7.0 ounces (200g)
PPC Edition in Covertec
5.5" (13.9cm) 2.9" (7.5cm) 1.1" (2.9cm) 8.8 ounces (249g)

The only major bone I have to pick with case actually has nothing to do with
the case itself…it is with the packaging in which it is sold. Not only does
the case come in a gift box, it is then ensconced in a heavy plastic display
pack. Then it is wrapped in a thick paper hanging display package. While I
realize that being able to market and sell a product means being able to package
it to its best viewing ability – this just seemed way excessive. The
plastic display pack was hard to open: Instead of being the type where its two
sides are snapped together, it was the type that has the heavy heat-seal; the
type you have to use scissors to open. Personally I hate this type closure, as I
am always afraid I am going to cut myself on the plastic. Before you ask, I will
tell you that I am not much of a recycler, so that is not the soapbox I am
standing on. Even so, I still found it excessive, so that should tell you

In any case, aside from the packaging, the Covertec is a great mid-range
case. Not as expensive as some, and definitely nicer than many, it should fit
the bill for those of you that like the play-through style.

Price: $44.59
Available in black, red and gold (brown)


Excellent, form-fitting construction
Professional and stylish appearance
Adds minimal bulk to PPC


Packaging is excessive and difficult to open
Can’t sync/charge in cradle while PPC is in case


Product Information

  • Excellent, form-fitting construction
  • Professional and stylish appearance
  • Adds minimal bulk to PPC
  • Packaging is excessive and difficult to open
  • Can't sync/charge in cradle while PPC is in case

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