Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-11-27

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I want to talk to you all about the power of the internet for just a moment…more specifically, about the power of Google.
It used to really tickle me when I would ask Julie a completely impossible question, and she would come back with an answer in just a matter of moments. When I would express amazement, she would always coyly say, “Google is my friend.”
Well, Google is my friend, too. Last night, it really hit me what a good friend Google has become while I was looking up the symptoms my 13 year old daughter was having with a persistant tummy ache. Amazingly enough, by using the general area of her pain as a Google search, Steve and I were able to find several very good sites that included her symptoms and possible causes. This allowed us to narrow down the reason for her pain to something that I had suspected all along, but had been told wasn't likely. Today's visit to the ER confirmed our home diagnosis, and now we are happy to know that she will be better soon.
I can't get over how lucky we all are to be in a part of history where information is so readily available when you need it!

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