Xigma Sony Clie NR70 Series Cases Review

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Product Requirements:
Sony CLIÉ NR70/70V

Judie and I have been hot on the trail of the first Sony CLIÉ NR70 series
cases since making this PDA our main brain. The first three cases that we have
come across are from Xigma out of Japan. These are high quality leather cases
that are available in several styles and colors. Let’s see how they stand up to
our scrutiny…

[Many of these cases are also available in the US thru

NR70 Series Pouch

I love PDA cases, but a lot of times I don’t want to use a play-through style
case. I just want to be able to quickly removed my PDA from its holder, and use
it. The Xigma NR70 Series Leather Pouch is a great case for this purpose. It is
a simple Napa cowhide leather case with a soft lamb suede lining that protects
the surface of your CLIÉ from scratches.

The pouch is available in 4 colors: Black with Red interior, Natural with
Blue interior, Red with Red interior, and Brown. The exterior
leather is finely grained and soft to the touch. The interior is a very soft
suede of a contrasting color. The case is plain except for the Xigma logo which
is embossed on the bottom front.

The CLIÉ slides into the pouch from the top and is held in place with a
leather strap that attaches to the front of the case with a strong magnetic
snap. This same strap is sewn onto the back of the case and can double as a belt
loop. A regular metal snap holds the 1 1/2 in wide belt loop in place.

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In addition to the main compartment which holds the PDA, the Pouch also has a
large gusseted pocket on the front of the case that can accommodate a stack of
business cards, folded currency or other papers. Due to the fact that a magnetic
snap is used to hold the Pouch closed, I would not store credit cards with
magnetic strips in this pocket for fear that they will be rendered useless.

The craftsmanship and materials that have gone into the making of this case
are top notch. Granted, this isn’t a heavy duty protective case. But what it is,
is a very nice looking, easy to use, simple holder that will protect your CLIÉ
from normal every day wear and tear. For the moment, this Pouch is my main NR70V
case. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and really like it.

Price: $59

Simple style
Large front pocket



Series Multi-Media Book Style Case


When I first opened the box that held my Pearl White multi-media book style
case, my first reaction was "oooooooooooooh"…the leather was that soft
and sumptuous. This is simply not your basic white leather, of which I admit
that I have never been a fan. This is a slightly metallic pearlized white.
Although the Xigma web site says that this particular case is made of "cow
leather," I am actually more inclined to believe the tag that was attached to
this case that stated the materials as lambskin; it is that soft and sumptuous.


This case comes with a wrist strap that attaches to the lanyard slot directly
on the Clie – which is much more secure than attaching to the case. This wrist
strap has a slot to hold an additional stylus.

The interior of this Xigma is finished in the same pearlescent white. On the
right side is one ID or credit card slot, with a deeper pocket located behind.
At the bottom right are located two Memory Stick slots.

The left side of the case features one of the more imaginative methods I have
seen to secure the NR70V. A wide u-shaped, leather wrapped, metal tab slides
into the groove on the right side of the Clie’s case, while a tiny u-shaped,
leather wrapped, metal tab locks into the left slot on the back of the Clie.
This method is tricky to get used to – but once you have figured it out it is
second nature to use. Two metal, leather wrapped, pedestals hold the bottom of
the Clie in place on either side of the charge/sync port.

Unfortunately, the leather on the tiny metal tab isn’t enough to keep it from
scratching the Clie’s magnesium case over time.

This is the only flaw I found with this case, but it is a doozy, as I am very
particular about keeping my PDAs as pristine as possible. My suggestion to Xigma
would be to make this tab out of a slightly softer plastic – I hope it wouldn’t
scratch the Clie’s magnesium case in the same manner.

If you can overlook the possible marring of your Clie’s back-side, you will
find that with this case all buttons, jog-wheels, and inputs are accessible.

While I can’t imagine most men carrying this particular color Xigma, if you
want something "pretty" to wrap your Clie in, you have come to the right place.
For those wanting a more masculine version of this case, it is also available in
black & red, black, brown, and beige & brown – versions which won’t come with
the wrist strap.

Price: $69
Also available in black & red, black, brown, beige & brown for $59

Beautiful leather
Reasonable price

The metal tab that hooks into slot on Clie’s back may scratch your

NR70 Series Basic Book Style Case

From the outside, the Xigma basic book style case is virtually the same as
the multi-media case.


Once you open the case, you will see that the only structural difference
between the two models is that this one only has one flap pocket on the left
side, instead of all of the pockets included in the other.

One major design difference is that (at least in the case of the black and
red version which I received for review) the interior is lined in sumptuous soft

The same system is used to secure your Clie as the multi
media model. As I actually used this case more than the Pearl White one
mentioned above, you can see where the leather wore off the metal tab
exposing what caused the previously pictured gash on my Clie.

I am really impressed with the basic design and the quality of the materials
used in both of the Xigma cases I was sent for review. But once again, my
suggestion to Xigma would have to be that they not use metal to secure the Clie.

The more I look at my gash, the more depressed I become… :0( <sniff>

Price: $59
Available in beige and brown

Beautiful leather
Reasonable price

The metal tab that hooks into slot on Clie’s back may scratch your
PDA – It did mine


Product Information

  • Beautiful leather
  • Reasonable price
  • The metal tab that hooks into slot on Clie's back may scratch your
  • PDA - It did mine

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