Taycho Envelo Sony CLIÉ T615C Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Sony CLIÉ T615C

I really appreciate ingenuity when it comes to PDA accessories. The
leather case for the Sony CLIÉ T615C while simple in form, really shows some
imagination and ingenuity. Available in both a black and a navy blue version, this
"case" protects the finish on your CLIÉ while adding the least amount of bulk

The CLIÉ T series already comes with a simple leather screen cover which
attaches to the back of the PDA. The Taycho case actually incorporates this
cover into its design. So instead of creating a case with its own flip cover, the Taycho only
needs to cover the bottom portion of the PDA.

Like almost every other slipper style case in existence, the CLIÉ slides into
the top of the Taycho. At first I had a little trouble getting the CLIÉ into the
case. It seemed to get stuck until I realized it was hung up on the little metal
hand strap eyelet. After you actually get the PDA inserted, the fit is nice and
snug with no gaps or puckering of the leather.

One large cutout on the front gives you access to the display, application
buttons, scroll button and status LED. A round cutout on the bottom right allows
access to the power button. The leather is thick enough to make pressing the
buttons slightly difficult. It’s not a really big deal unless you are an avid game
player. But then the T615C has the most horrendous buttons for game playing
anyway, so never mind…

The left side of the case has a cutout for the jog dial and back button. Also
in this area, the hand strap eyelet is covered, so those of you that like to use this feature, are
out of luck.

The top of the case is completely open with access to the Memory Stick slot,

IR port, and stylus silo.

The back of the case has large oval cutout at the top which accommodates the
plastic flip cover attachment. A small round cutout for the reset switch and an
oval cutout for the cradle standoff are also on the back of the Taycho case. Speaking
of the cradle, good news! You can actually sync and charge the CLIÉ with the cradle while
it is in this case. I had absolutely no problem sliding it into the cradle to
make contact with the connector. No manhandling required, very nice!

I think this is a great little small form factor case. The only thing that I
don’t like about it are the leather seams. The way the case is constructed, there
are raw edges on the back of the case where the leather is sewn together. Although these edges don’t make the case
actually look bad, they do make the case feel a little rough on the sides
when you are holding in in the palm of your hand. Am I being too picky?

If you just need a very thin solution to protect the finish on your CLIÉ,
this case will do that for you. 

Price: $18.27

Small form factor

Leather seams make the case fee rough


Product Information

  • Small form factor
  • Sync-able
  • Leather seams make the case fee rough

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