Krusell Handit PDA Cases Review

Product Requirements:
A variety of PDAs. Check their website.

Swedish case manufacturer Krusell has been in existence since 1991. They’ve
recently come out with their Handit line of PDA cases that include a unique
belt-clip system called Multidapt. They have cases available for quite a few
different PDAs including the Compaq iPAQ, Palm m500, Handspring Visor and Casio
Pocket PCs to name a few. For this review, I was sent the Palm m500 and Compaq
iPAQ (without sleeve) versions.

Similar to Vaja slipper style cases, Krusell has actually created a more
protective line of cases that are also less expensive. Can you say wow? Let’s
take a closer look at the individual cases and then the Multidapt system.

Palm m500 series case

The Palm m500 series case (which also fits the Palm V/Vx) is a black leather
slipper style case. Like other slipper style cases, the PDA slides into the
holster and is held there with friction. This case is the first that I have seen
to employ elastic sides. I think this may have been used due to the fact that
the m500 is just a bit thicker than the V and Vx PDAs.

The holster has one large cutout for the display and one cutout for the
application button area. These two cutouts are separated by a leather bar.
Although the button area is correctly proportioned and of ample size, the
display cutout area has a problem in that it is skewed. The left side is too skinny
while the right side hangs over the display. No matter how I tugged on the case
and tried to position the PDA between the elastic sides, I was unable to get
this cutout to line up properly. This is actually the only problem that I had
with the case and may not be representative of all of their m500 series cases.

While in the case, there is access to the power button and the stylus silo.
Although there is a cutout for the serial connector, you can not sync or charge
the PDA while it is in the case. It will not sit on the cradle and make contact
with the connector. You should be able to use a cable though.

The interior of this case is lined with a soft black velvet. The screen cover
is reinforced with corrugated cardboard and foam plastic. It is the most rigid
cover of any slipper style case that I’ve reviewed to date. On the inside of the
cover, there are 2 business card slots, 2 SD card slots and 1 large pocket
behind them. On the outside of the cover, there is an oval shaped metal badge
bearing the Krusell logo. The cover is held closed with a snap that wraps around
to the back of the case.

This is a really nice case and could easily become a favorite once the
display cutout problem is resolved.

Available at DataNation.

Price: $29.00 with Spring Clip ($34.00 with Swivel

Very protective screen cover
Lots of storage

Display cutout doesn’t line up
Must remove PDA to sync or charge with cradle


Compaq iPAQ 3600 series case

The iPAQ case that I was sent is made for a 3600 series iPAQ without
expansion sleeves. Versions for the CF and PCMCIA sleeve as well as the 3800
series with and without sleeves are also available.

This case is pretty much identical in form and features with the Palm case.
But, unlike the Palm case, I couldn’t find any problems with this one. The iPAQ
fits in this case nicely. There is one large screen / application button cutout
that lines up perfectly. There is also a cutout for the earphone jack so that
you can easily access it even when the cover is closed.

The screen cover is padded and very rigid giving excellent protection. On the
inside of the cover there are 2 business card slots and one larger slot behind them.
The cover is held closed with a heavy duty snap. One interesting thing to note
is the fact that there are two snaps on the back of the case. I’m not really
sure of the purpose of the 2nd snap though…

Both the Palm and Compaq cases are made very well. The material and
construction are both first rate. I guess the only thing one could complain
about is the fact that the cases are only available in black. This gives the cases a
slightly utilitarian feel to them that might not appeal to everyone. Regardless of that
fact, these cases are VERY nice and will protect your PDA quite nicely.

Available at DataNation.

Price: $29.00 with Spring Clip ($34.00 with Swivel

Great fit
Rigid screen cover
Multidapt system

Must remove from case to sync and charge via cradle


Multidapt System

The main feature that sets the Krusell Handit cases apart from similar
offerings is their patent pending Multidapt system which consists of a female
connector that is attached on the back of the case, and a variety of clips,
swivels and vehicle holders that can connect to it.

The female connector isn’t like the typical metal or plastic stud that most
of you are accustomed to seeing on the back of your PDA cases. Although it is
made of plastic, it is flat and has a channel that allows other items to slide
and snap into it.

Krusell sent me quite a few different clips to try out including: Spring Clip,
Slide Swivel kit, Beg Steel Swivel kit, Leather Swivel kit, MiniClip,
BikeHolder, and a CarHolder.

Some of the clips are easier to attach and detach than others. They slide and
click into place. To remove them, you press the tip of a pen into the center of
the attachment and press the release so that you can slide them off.

I can really appreciate the variety of attachments available for this system.
From light to heavy duty, I think there is something here for everyone. And if
you don’t want/need to use a belt-clip, the cases can be purchased without this


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