Judie’s Gear Diary – 2002-01-24

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Okay…I am getting excited! Alex Kac, the brain behind Pocket Informant sent me a friendly e-mail the other day, supposedly to chat about our shared views on our Casio E-200s. But, at the bottom of the e-mail were two “teaser” screen shots for PI3.0! The closest date Alex will give me is “soon,” so if you are in the same boat that I am in, and you are getting impatient…hopefully that means sometime in the next month or so. ;0)

I also want to tell you about a program that I have been using, and that has earned a permanent spot on my Pocket PC: Mobilearn's OutLoud Spanish Phrasebook. This program is amazing! You simply find the phrase you need said in the foreign language, and it will actually speak it out loud for you! This program is available in Spanish, German, Italian, and French…oooh la la! Makes me want to travel…you coming with me? ;0)

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