Burberry’s Sandringham Multi Pen Review

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Product Requirements:
Any touch screen device

When I say the name Burberry, what do you think of?

I get a vision of England, trench coats, and plaid. The colors red, black,
& tan, specifically.

Okay, go ahead and throw in a little nasty weather, too…

For over 100 years, Burberry has been providing the finest in outerwear; more
recently they have begun to venture into other fine accessory lines.

One such undertaking includes a line of fine writing implements.

The Burberry
Sandringham Multi Pen
, offered by Stylus
, is an excellent example of their approach to classic yet stylish

The Sandringham comes in an understated, yet elegant, navy presentation case
with “Burberry London” embossed in silver, on its top.

When you open the case, you will find the pen held in place with a navy
ribbon. This would make a fantastic award or gift; the whole experience reeks of
“old money” and polo matches. J

When you remove the Sandringham from its case, you will find that the pen has
a nice weight to it, which is due to the silver plated brass accents.

Inside its understated exterior, lies a practical black ballpoint tip, .05 mm
lead mechanical pencil, and a red ballpoint tip. Stylus Central has replaced the
red ballpoint with a white stylus tip, making this multi pen even more

The upper portion of the barrel is silver plated brass, as I mentioned
before, which adds a bit of substance to the multi pen. I would say that it is
just slightly heavier than my Mont Blanc Ballpoint. It is perfectly balanced,
and feels good in my hand. I would not mind signing autographs all day, with the
Sandringham. J

There is a medium width clip for your pocket – nothing too large or too

Running the length of this silver shaft, are fine “pin-stripes” that add
to this multi pens corporate look.

A silver plated stainless steel cap unscrews to reveal a thin white pencil

The mid-section of the Sandringham features a very discreet “Burberry”
across its barrel.

The black bottom half of the pen is made of a heavy plastic.

The bottom tip of the Sandringham balances out the multi pen’s look, with
more silver plating over brass.

So those are the aesthetics, lets talk about its performance:

It is very easy to change tips with this pen. The Sandringham uses one of my
favorite multi pen methods to choose your nib – you simply twist the barrel
until you extract the desired point.

In between each click, all points are retracted, and the pen is safe for
storage in your shirt or briefcase.

How does it write? Well, after all my glowing praise, I have to tell you that
there is one thing that I dislike about this pen, as it comes from the factory;
it is a personal preference, and it is easily remedied.

The Sandringham comes with a very fine, black Pentel multi pen sized refill.
Now obviously, the bad news is that I personally don’t like how it writes –
I feel like the ink is too thin, and that it just doesn’t “feel” right, as
I am writing.

The good news is, that because this pen uses standard multi pen refills, you
can insert a Rotring refill if you’d like, and it will write with a much
smoother, thicker flow.

This is absolutely a matter of personal preference; I just felt that I should
point it out.

The .05 mm mechanical pencil writes smoothly, and without jamming.

The stylus tip is great! It seemed in the past that some of the stylus
replacements that Stylus Central would add to multi pens were sort of yellowish
and really pointy. This one is bright white, and unless it is a figment of my
imagination, it seems to be just a little bit “softer” on the end. In any
case, with or without a screen protector, it writes very acceptably.

This multi pen looks really masculine and impressive to me. It’s not so
much a “pretty” pen, as it is an elegant accent for the right person to

Price: $95 (Burberry offers a one-year warranty
against defective materials and workmanship)

Elegant, classic design

Simple to operate

Comfortable to hold

Dislike the fine black ink cartridge included – easily replaced,
Expensive, but perhaps there is someone you have been meaning to
treat…yourself? J


Product Information

  • Elegant, classic design
  • Simple to operate
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Dislike the fine black ink cartridge included – easily replaced,
  • though!
  • Expensive, but perhaps there is someone you have been meaning to
  • treat…yourself? J

36 thoughts on “Burberry’s Sandringham Multi Pen Review”

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  2. If anyone happens to find this bag on the net somewhere please post a link here:

    I searched ebags.com….ebay…champs…i’m just not finding this bag which pretty much looks perfect to me….


  3. Can’t even find on Google….help!!! This bag does look perfect for what I’m looking for. I want one….but I can’t find one!!! :rolleyes:

  4. Sorry everyone! I forgot to mention that I actually went into the Champs store in the mall to find this bag. I did not find it at their online store.

    Here’s the information from the tag:

    Model Number: PB30087R
    UPC: 400000639277
    Name: CS Special Ops Black Bag

    I’ll do some checking, but if I can’t find online, I can pick up a couple if anyone is interested.


  5. Yes, this is a great bag a a GREAT price..

    i will contact my local CHAMPS sports store to see if i can get one from there.. otherwise.. will let you know about getting one from you gals..

  6. Woo yeah, “SPECIAL OPERATIONS” bag!!! Perfect for all you Navy Seals wannabe’s!! Now you can conduct “special” operations while wearing this bag! And you’d look like you are cool too because without it you’d look like a yourself.

  7. Hi Im from the Philippines. Ive been using this bag for a year now, very durable. This bag is made by Oakley (the eyewear makers). If you live in the U.S., you can buy it tru their O-store http://www.oakley.com they call it SANDBAG. They make gears for the US military, check out the Oakley Assault Boot! Kewl!!

  8. Icekendi, I don’t think the Colorado SpecOps Bag is exactly identical to the Oakley Sandbag, but they are indeed very similar- maybe made in the same factory or something. Plus the Oakley is about three times the price (brand name = $)! I have been eyeballing the Sandbag at one of my favorite sites since they came out:
    But I’ve held back cause I’m cheap. 😡 Also, I need another bag like I need a hole in my head- we seem to have a whole closet full at my house. Still, for $35 I am going to hit the Champs in Fort Worth tonight and I’ll report back…:cool:

  9. Yes, I noticed the price was about 3 times higher as well. I have only had one request for a bag from someone in Chicago. I was looking for a few more before I make my trip to Champs. If anyone else is interested and doesn’t want to post here, PM me and we can work out the details.


  10. Champs in Fort Worth’s Hulen Mall had a black one (got it!), a blue one that was really cool, and two silver ones. Just playing with it for 15 minutes in the office it seems pretty nice- real sporty though, which I knid of expected- so I am not sure it will work for carrying to my office. YMMV. (I currently carry a Coach tan leather soft attache with a strap- it’s pretty but only has like 2 pockets and no padding- not real “gear friendly”.) This may have to be my weekend “man’s tac purse” or it may go back (has to get the Mrs. Redhed Seal of Approval, and I have to finish playing). The main compartment seems a little tough to access though. A full size Sony CD player will fit in the “tunes device” pocket in case anyone was wondering like me… Seeing it in person though, and comparing it to that one Sandbag pic, (Check Google images for “Oakley Sandbag”- there’s only a couple pics out there) it seems like it might be exactly like the Sandbag… More later.:p

  11. When checking the pics of the Sandbag, I noticed that it looks like it may not have a top clip on the rain hood that covers the inner pockets of the bag. I agree with you that having to open 2 clips and a zipped to get to the inner pocket seems a little irritating, but I generally only get in there when I’m not wearing the bag. Plus I feel like my items are a littler safer when they are in the inner pockets.

    The look of the bag is sporty, but the only “fashionable” bag that I could come up with that holds mulitple gadgets is the Coach Hamptons Carryall series. They seem to have 3 pockets in the lining that can hold pda’s, phones, etc. Not to mention a $270 price tag.

    The Special Ops bag has replaced my purse altogether. I also have the added benefit of carrying all my gear. I recommended this bag because of its price, value, pockets, etc. I still have other bags for other functions, but this one beats all when I’m riding the train and don’t want to be bogged down by purse, backpack, etc.

    I hope you like and keep it! For $35, my husband has said that he will take it off my hands if I don’t want to carry it anymore.

    Cheers! 🙂

  12. Hi Julie,
    No dice on the Colorado web address. Front side just has a logo and a couple lines of marketing hoo ha. Back side has the price and lists the features, made in China (you know it’s quality now! :p), etc. Then, interestingly, Champs Sports and an address in Florida is listed, which makes me think Colorado must be a Champs subsidiary/private label, whatever. I bet this thing really is a sandbag sans the “O”. Hope this helps….:cool:
    By the way, Leslie, great article!:wow: And good lookin’ out on that too, I would have never found anything at Champs, in fact I think it was my first time in their store today. I wonder if the clerk thought I was just “scary decisive”:mad: walking right to the bags and grabbing this one…

  13. I checked all over my tag and couldn’t find one. It did say that the bag was made in China. It has an address for Champs on it. I can double check when I get home.

    If it makes you feel any better at least the clerk wasn’t giving you the eyeball for trying on all the sling bags. I thought they were going to kick me out before I could try on every sling in the store. I quickly decided on the Colorado bag before they could say anything.

  14. I finally got a chance to get to my local Champs in South Jersey and got a blue spec ops bag. Awesome!!! :wow:

    Great looks, pockets all over the place, well made. I just need some time (maybe this afternoon) to get my gear loaded, and then get used to having a pocket for everything. 😉

    I just wish these were available on their website. :confused:

    Jim Latimer

  15. I got one too.. good build and quality.

    All i can say is, why do other comparible bags sell for 4 times the cost.. this bag is a bargain at 35 bucks..


  16. Kiwi

    I’m working on it…probably over the weekend.

    BTW, after a week with this bag, I’m hooked!!! I don’t think I can think of anything I would add to it (except maybe a key clip on the inside).

    My days of “bag and switch” are over!!!:wow:


  18. product code listed here to champ home office.. perhaps they
    will come thru.. keep you posted..archer..

  19. their customer service claims they dont sell it…

    so.. i’ll pay someone $10 + bag cost + shipping to get me
    a black one.

  20. Hi Archer,

    The Champs store in Hamilton, Ontario has got them. The bags are $44 Canadian which is about 30USD plus 15% taxes. They are black, blue or silver.

    I know a guy nearby who is getting one for me (& shipping it to me in New Zealand). I’ll try and put him in touch with you.


  21. charlie.stross

    As a general comment, have any left-handed folks (like me) tried one of these?

    Does it go over the left shoulder or the right? Are the pockets impossible to get into with your left hand? And so on — all questions that are relevant to at least 10-15% of the peanut gallery — I’ve seen gadgets before now, such as the Siemens Pocket Reader, that were next to impossible for left-handers to use, and others, such as the Psion 5, that were clearly designed by right-handers with no idea that the design was sub-optimal for a chunk of their customers.

  22. Hi Charlie – Actually my husband is left handed and he is the one who modeled the bag. I use my left hand to get into the pocket that rests near the left hip and to take the cell phone out (which rests on your chest). I use my right hand to unzip the pocket that rests against my back. Reaching that pocket can take some practice, so I don’t think a lefty could get to it. However, you can also sling the bag around on your body and have the bulk of it in the front. I do this all of the of the time and have no problem reaching all of the pockets with either hand. Hope this helps!



  24. Hello All,

    Sorry for not posting sooner. I checked at another local Champs store and they had the bag everywhere. I picked up one for another gadgeteer and mailed it out. If others are interested, drop me an e-mail and I can probably pick up a few more!



  25. just how much room does the main compartment have because i could really use this for school but it looks a little small

    keep up the good work

  26. robbssuperstore

    I have read all of the information about the Colorado Special OPS Sling Bag. I am listing these on a regular basis on ebay, the exact one that you are all referring to. The store name on ebay is Robbssuperstore:) Just thought I would update anyone who is looking for this bag. Thanks!

  27. Could anyone help buy this bag and ship it to me(I live in Denmark) Like Archer i am willing to pay i’ll pay someone $10 + bag cost + shipping to get me
    a black one.


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