Inno Pocket Splendid Case for Palm m100 and Palm V/Vx Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm m100

The InnoPocket Splendid is a slightly different type of PDA case than I’ve seen
before. Instead of being comprised entirely of some sort of leather, it is made
of cotton canvas.


The InnoPocket is secured by passing a natural colored leather tab through a
matching loop.

Your PDA is held securely with a 2” x 1” strip of Velcro.


I like the fact that the InnoPocket branding is located on the inside of the
leather tab – there are not any other brand marks elsewhere on the case.

Because this is a “book-style” case, be advised that 3 sides of your PDA
will be exposed, even when your case is closed.

There is no additional plastic insert in the left side of the case, which
will cover your screen. I imagine that the Inno Pocket is still stiff enough to
protect your screen somewhat – but this case definitely does not offer much
crush resistance, and there is no insulation in case of a fall.

The InnoPocket Splendid features a rounded bottom that follows the contours
of your m100.

The interior of this case is made of some type of shiny synthetic material.
There are two credit card or ID slots that run across the left inside flap –
and one long slash pocket, which runs behind those others for the height of the


Perhaps the InnoPocket could be sprayed with scotch-guard, but otherwise, it
appears that it will stain easily, and be impossible to clean afterwards.

This case is different, and simple – which perhaps will make it very
attractive to some Palm users.


Price: $22

Can hot sync in case via cable
Simple design in non-traditional materials


Case will stain easily
Uses Velcro to secure PDA


Product Requirements:
Palm V/Vx

The Palm V/Vx version of this case is very similar to the m100 version except
that it does not use Velcro as a means to secure the PDA to the case. Instead,
the Palm V is held in the case via a plastic rail that is inserted into the left
stylus silo.


Like the m100 version, the case is made of a canvas material with a leather
strap. The case is square with rounded corners and opens like a book. The front
and back of the case are pretty stiff and although I don’t think they have a
plastic insert, I think they would protect the screen from common bumps and


The InnoPocket doesn’t protect the sides of the Palm V though… So, I wouldn’t
rely on this case to protect the PDA in the event of a long fall.

Inside the case there are four separate storage slots: two regular business
cards slots and two longer slots. One of the larger slots is behind the business
card slot area, and the other is behind the PDA.


Unlike the m100 version of this case, the Palm V/Vx version does not use
Velcro. Instead, there is a plastic rail that slides into the left stylus silo
on the Palm V/Vx.


This rail is supposed to snap securely into place in the silo, just as the
styli do using little nubs that stick out at the top of the rail. Unfortunately,
it doesn’t. The Palm V easily slips off this rail. It’s possible that I just
received a bad rail that doesn’t have large enough nubs to hold it in place.
But, as is, I can’t recommend this case.

Price: $22

Can hot sync in case via cable
Several storage slots

PDA won’t stay secured to stylus rail
Case will stain easily



Product Information

  • Inexpensive
  • Can hot sync in case via cable
  • Several storage slots
  • PDA won't stay secured to stylus rail
  • Case will stain easily

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