PalmVelope XL Review

The PalmVelope XL by Tware Solutions Inc.
is a play through neoprene case designed for use with the Casio E100/105, Philips Nino, HP
Jornada, Gameboy Color and similar sized devices. The cases come in several color choices
such as Pacific Blue, Basic Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Red and
Teal. I reviewed this case with my Casio E100 and a Gameboy Color.

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The case is an all enclosing type case. You slide the PDA into it, and the flap is held
closed with Velcro. A clear vinyl window on the front enables you to write and press
buttons through it. You can even use your fingers to press the icons on the screen without
fear of scratching the display.

Writing with the stylus through this window requires you to use a little more pressure
than you normally would. I didn’t have any problems though using JOT to recognise my
characters while using this case. I could also write just as fast as I normally would.

There is an elastic stylus holder on both sides of the case. There is also a hidden pocket
for business cards on the inside of the case.

palmvelopexl4.jpg (4191 bytes)

There are a couple negative points about this case that I should point out. One is that
all the buttons, earphone jack and IR port on the side of the unit are covered and not
easily accessible. I had a heck of a time turning the Casio on when I wanted to use it. I
also could not easily use the voice recorder because I couldn’t find the button (and the
microphone is covered). You also must remove the PDA from the case in order to sync it
with a PC. The biggest drawback to this case is that there isn’t a way to really protect
the display when you’re not using the PDA. The only protection is the clear vinyl window.
I would not feel comfortable putting this case in my gadget bag as it is for fear of some
other object pressing against the display. There is a solution in that you can turn the
PDA around in this case so that the screen is facing the back of the case. I personally
wouldn’t want to do this all the time though.

Using the case with the Gameboy Color was fine. Pressing the buttons and gamepad thru
the vinyl window was easy and didn’t really require any getting used to. The only downside
to using this case with the Gameboy is that you have to open the case, and pull out the
unit to turn it on and off.

The Palmvelope is an inexpensive play through case that is made well but needs some
improvements to make it easier to use with some PDAs.

Price: $19.99

Play through
Can use fingers on the screen without scratching it.
Stretchy material, can accomodate a variety of PDAs.

Side buttons covered.
Screen not protected when PDA is not in use.

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