Julie’s Gear Diary – 1999-06-03

Hi GadgetFans! I can’t believe that it is June already (shhh, my birthday is tomorrow). Where is this year going? I know time flies, but this is crazy. I’ve posted quite a few reviews already this year and just wanted to give you an idea of what is down the pipeline for the next couple months. Here is a list of items that I have waiting to be reviewed. The order of the list is more or less the order in which I’ll post the reviews:

Tech Center Labs IR Blasters for the Palm V and PalmPilot
PalmGolf Color
Pretec’s Compact Flash slot modem (testing this with the Casio E-100)
Dialit DTMF Dialer for the PalmPilot
Dimension Leather cases for various PDAs
Palm OS Clock Comparison Review
Shock and Rock hardware module for the Gameboy Color

That’s only partial listing. I have to save some surprises you know…

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