E-Z SyncCable Review

The E-Z SyncCable by Pacific
is a hotsync cable with an added feature.  It has a button on the
connector that you can press to initiate the hotsync! If you’re like me, you’ve used a
regular hotsync cable but hated that you had to turn on your PalmPilot and then navigate
to the hotsync application and then actually tap the screen to start the syncing process.With
the E-Z Sync, you just plug the connector into the PalmPilot, press the button and voila!
It’s that quick and simple.
The cable is the same gray color as the standard hotsync cable and is
about 33inches long with a 9pin din connector at one end. A small black button is on the
connector that goes into the PalmPilot. This button doesn’t actually move (at least mine
didn’t) when you press it. But, with a very light press it will initiate the hotsync
application. When I say ‘light press’, I mean it… this could be a problem if you have
very large fingers and happen to press on the button as you remove or insert the cable
into the PalmPilot because it will start the hotsync process. But, if you are careful it
will work just fine.One added bonus with the E-Z Sync is that you can leave it plugged
into your PalmPilot and not need to worry about it draining your batteries.

The E-Z SyncCable is great for those times when you need to hotsync on the road and
want to travel light. I still prefer a regular cradle, but if I traveled alot, I would
definitely use the E-Z Sync.

Price: $30

Easily hotsync by pressing a button.
Won’t drain batteries if left plugged into PDA.

Button uses a very light touch. Hotsync app could be initiated by accident.


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