Pi-Lid Pilot Screen Cover Review

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Note: This product is no longer available….

The Pi-Lid by Bzzt and Portfolio Central, is an aluminum screen cover for the PalmPilot. It is hinged at the top and fastens to the PalmPilot with strong adhesive tape. It is very lightweight, considering the fact that it is protecting your PalmPilot screen with metal.

To install the Pi-Lid, you simply position the cover where you want it to be, swing the hinge up, remove the paper covering the adhesive tape on the hinge, and press the hinge down on top of the palm pilot. Getting the position right is most important. If you don’t put it on correctly, the lid won’t swing properly. I had no trouble attaching the Pi-Lid to my PalmPilot, but it doesn’t come with any extra tape strips, so you have to get it right the first time.

The hinge seems to be of good quality. It has a fluid swing to it, and didn’t bind or creak. There is an arc notched out of the corner of the top plate where the stylus goes. And the plate doesn’t cover the entire top of the PalmPilot. This is good if you intend to install the PalmIII upgrade as it won’t cover IR lens. Also, since the Pi-Lid doesn’t cover the entire PalmPilot, you do not need to remove it for a HotSync.

As stated above, the Pi-Lid is a screen cover. Therefore, it offers no protection to the rest of the PalmPilot. The Pi-Lid is thin enough, that a PalmPilot with a Pi-lid will still fit into the original slipcase that came with the PalmPilot. So, although it fits better into a shirt pocket, you may want to have an additional case to put it in for situations requiring more protection. But don’t worry about the screen getting scratched, because the underside of the Pi-Lid is lined with black velour.

When you hold the PalmPilot in your hand with the lid open, it has a comfortable feel to it. And it has a nice feel to it when you hold it closed. But there isn’t anything to keep it closed. I would have preferred some sort of spring on the hinge or something to keep it closed. This cover is about as close to the cover of the PalmIII as can be, (functionally), except that the PalmIII’s cover can be removed, and snaps up and down. Since the Pi-Lid swings loosely, it can’t be used with most belt cases.

I don’t prefer covers or lids that have to be permanently attached. As I stated above, once you remove the Pi-Lid, you can’t put it back on without another strip of tape. But I like the Pi-Lid. I tend to carry my PalmPilot in the shirt pocket, so it works for me. As far as it’s design, there’s not much to the Pi-Lid. It is simply a good, strong, easy to use, lightweight screen cover. If that’s what you are looking for, buy the Pi-Lid. You won’t be disappointed. But hey, Portfolio Central: how about a couple more strips of tape?


Product Information

  • Lightweight.
  • Keeps the size down.
  • Fluid hinge movement.
  • HotSync compliant.
  • Doesn’t protect sides.
  • Must be permanently attached.
  • May still need an additional method to carry PalmPilot.

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