The POLAR Pen was a successfully funded Kickstarter project late last year and is now available to the general public. It's a modular pen, it's a magnetic toy for grown ups and it's even a stylus. Let's take a look. Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. 13 magnets 2 caps 1… Read More

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Magnets are useful and fun, affixing grocery lists and kid artwork to refrigerators the world over.  Brian Conti was tired of the work-issue magnets he was using to hang items from his office white board.  They were boring in appearance and weak in magnetic strength.  So he fired up his CAD software and designed, then… Read More

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Face it.  The force of magnetism is simply amazing, and magnets are useful and fun.  We use them to hold up everything from grocery lists to our kids' artwork.  But many magnets are just plain wimpy---either they are poorly constructed and fall apart or the force of their magnetic field is too weak to be… Read More

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FroliCat Toys Reviews

  FroliCat toys are made by Brilliant Pets, the people who make the Scoop Free cat litter box, so they know cats. I was sent their three offerings to review- the Dart free-standing laser toy; the Bolt hand-held or standing laser toy; and the Sway, a magnetically mounted cat toy. By the way, dogs may be interested in the… Read More

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Construction sets comprised of tiny magnetic spheres are not exactly new, but Nanodots are little more flashy than the NeoCube and CyberCube kits I've reviewed in the past. They are available in kits of 236 spheres in your choice of Silver, Black and even Gold. Prices start at $29.99 and go up to $39.99 for… Read More

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Check out these cute handmade iPhone app magnets from bear duck designs. You can get all 20 standard iPhone icons in one mega-pack or choose 4 of your faves! Stick them on your fridge, filing cabinet, or anything metal. They are 1/2" (13mm) square and 1/8" (3mm) tall and have a strong neodymium magnet on… Read More

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Check out these super strong magnets with sturdy plastic loops for everything from hanging clothing to decorations. Kinda funky. They are sold in sets of 4 for less than $10… Read More

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Do you use your refrigerator as the family bulletin board? If so, do you use tape or magnets to hold your lists and pictures? Tape can leave a sticky residue and some magnets can scratch and mark up the surface of your refrigerator. The Endo Clip is a magnet, but it won't hurt the surface… Read More

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