Tired of wimpy magnets? Try Strong Like Bull Magnets

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stronglikebullmagnetsFace it.  The force of magnetism is simply amazing, and magnets are useful and fun.  We use them to hold up everything from grocery lists to our kids’ artwork.  But many magnets are just plain wimpy—either they are poorly constructed and fall apart or the force of their magnetic field is too weak to be practically useful.  Brian Conti agreed, and decided to do something about it.  On the heels of his successfully crowd-funded Kickstarter SPOKE Mechanical Pencil project comes the Strong Like Bull Magnets project.  Each of these little dudes is built around a rare earth magnet, coupled to an engineered steel ‘cup’ which directs the magnetic flux to increase the magnetic strength and also ‘shields’ the magnetic force from all surfaces except the mounting surface.  The magnet/cup assembly screws to a custom CNC machined aluminum housing part which is anodized for durability and color.  A rubber O-ring is added to enhance the grip.  Boasts a pull strength of over 25 pounds.  Available in multiple colors and start at $24 for set of two and up.  But the Kickstarter funding period ends in a few hours, so place your order soon!

5 thoughts on “Tired of wimpy magnets? Try Strong Like Bull Magnets”

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  2. Once again I was suckered into reading about a product I am interested in, only to find out it’s a Kickstarter project. This means it’s a product that doesn’t exist.

    I had asked Julie to alert people, in the headlines, when a product is a Kickstarter or other type of looking-for-funding project.

    She said she would alert early in the copy, but not the headline.

    I was willing to deal with that, but the information that this is a Kickstarter project is buried. Yes, the text does indicate that there was a previous project that was a Kickstarter, but the actual confirmation that this product is ephemeral doesn’t come till the last sentence in the text.

    I go to the Gadgeteer to find useful things to buy NOW. Kickstarter projects are not what I want.

    1. @Sandee Come on, it’s not buried, it’s in the 6th sentence of a relatively short post. By the way, we’ve started tagging Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunded products with the tag CROWDFUNDED. You can see that right under the by line of each post.

  3. @John – Thank you for your comment. I feel the same way, especially if the product is something that is unique and not really available anywhere else. I think a few folks around here need to take a breath, calm down and get over the instant gratification materialism that they seem to feel entitled to. The Gadgeteer is about gadgets. Period.

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