Belly Jewel – Adds bling to… wait for it… pillows

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I usually try my best not to make fun of products that I think are stupid because it’s almost like telling someone their baby is ugly. That sentiment flew out that window this morning when I received an email from the graphic designer who has created a new Kickstarter project for a product she calls the Belly Jewel. Of course my first thought was of belly button bling… but that’s not what this is folks. This is jewelry for pillows – throw pillows – the kind on your couch. Seriously.

We see many pillow designs that are attractive in their own way, which may include stones and ruffles sewn on to them. However, no one has ever created interchangeable jewelry that can adorn your pillows.

I have been developing Belly Jewel for more than 10 years. This is a truly unique addition to home decorating. I hope you love it as much as I do!

10 years? Seriously? I hate it when people use the word “seriously” a lot, but I can’t help myself… This project has 21 days till it ends and has raised $415 of the $35,000 goal. If you want to jazz up your pillows, you can pledge $25 up to $1000 to get your own Belly Jewels.

5 thoughts on “Belly Jewel – Adds bling to… wait for it… pillows”

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  2. But doesn’t a big chunk of metal in the middle defeat the purpose of a cushy, comfy pillow? Also, interesting pricing scheme for the pledges. Usually you get a discount for buying multiples, but it seems you get an extra charge with multiples of these things. For example, for only $150 more than the cost of two sets of the first four designs alone, you’ll also get a preview of the second generation designs – that’s all, just a preview. For $500 you get two sets of the first four designs plus you’ll receive one of the second generation designs – that’s $250 for one additional piece. For $1000, you’ll get two sets of the first four designs and two of the second generation designs. That’s $500 more for two additional pieces of pillow bling. For $500, I want 14K gold and precious stones!

    And as for decorated pillows, I can buy a spool of thread, a needle, and sew on a fancy button for a couple of dollars.

  3. Yeah, have to agree on several counts. 10 years of development to create something like the Dyson vaccuum cleaner is great. 10 years of development for what is basically a giant earring you put through a pillow is NOT great. And good lord…the price! This reminds me of The Onion’s parody called “Internet Scam Alert: Most ‘Kickstarter’ Projects Just Useless Crap.”

  4. OMG!!!!! This is just what I was always looking for. For at least 10 years I’ve been asking myself “self, wouldn’t it be grand if someone invented a really huge lapel pin that one could stick through the middle of a pillow. You could then have your spine pierced by leaning back on this thing.”

    I wonder if I could get one of each design if I pledge the remaining $34500. That would be so cool.

    They’ve got kitchen drawer knobs that look like this. Sheesh.

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