Recently, Julie asked every one on the Gadgeteer team to show what they carry with them on a daily basis. Well, since I began reviewing gadgets – mostly audio related – my backpack has become fuller and heavier. I decided to just list what was in my backpack on the day I took the photo. [...]

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Others have posted their everyday carry bags, so I thought I would post mine as well. However, I am a homemaker who focuses on karate, so my EDC bag is much different than my fellow Gadgeteers. I do not have a backpack or special bag for everyday; I just use my purse. It's boring and [...]

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Recently, Julie suggested we follow up on what WE carry on an everyday basis.  She's set the standard, so here's what I carry! First you'll notice my bag of choice is the latest version of the Tom Bihn Ristretto Bag for iPad that I reviewed in January 2013.  Durable, practical, good looking! Although the Ristretto has a [...]

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I don't have a 9-5 job.  I work from home, and I don't have to carry a huge gear bag with me everywhere I go.  In the past, I've used just a Dooney & Bourke Multi-Function wallet to carry my ID, a couple of cards, and my phone as my go-to-lunch wallet.  I recently decided [...]

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Two months have passed since my first article outlining all the gear I carry with me each day, so it's time to see which items I've dropped and the new gear that  I have added. Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. Same as last time Timbuk2 Custom Laptop Messenger Bag - [...]

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Tool Logic Survival II-1

Are you a doomsday prepper or real world survivalist? Do you like to be prepared for any situation at anytime? Do you need an EDC tool that is multi-functional as well as practical? Do you need that tool to fit into your wallet?  Tool Logic's Survival Card 2 may give you that peace of mind you [...]

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A few days ago I posted a news item about the INOVA Microlight STS keychain flashlight. We've all seen similar looking flashlights small enough to easily fit on a keychain, but the INOVA Microlight STS Swipe to Shine from Nite Ize has something I've never seen before with any flashlight... touch/gesture controls. That's right, there are [...]

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The folks who brought us the Fish Bone knotless gear tie are at it again, this time with a new and improved knotless gear tie called the Piranha. The Piranha is a new design using all the feedback that the creator of the Fish Bone (Brent Garcia) received from that project. Instead of tying a [...]

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Knottology Expedition Clasps-1

I may have mentioned before that I am fringe Paracord junkie. I like Paracord survival bracelets, but could never find a cool clasp so I never made one. The Knottology Expedition Clasps may have just changed that for me. Unlike a lot of Paracord clasps the Expedition clasps are dual functional. The Expeditions come in four [...]

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Cybernetic Research Labs Tactical Pen-1

  Need a new multi-functional item for your EDC? Then take a look at the Tactical Pen from Cybernetic Research Labs. What makes this pen different from others is the addition of a carbide end-piece that can be used as an emergency glass breaker. The pen is built of several connecting sections, allowing for multiple [...]

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I thought it might be interesting and useful for me to capture a visual and text list of my EDC (Every Day Carry) gear on a monthly basis. Seeing my gear might give you ideas for your own EDC and I'm hoping you might make suggestions for things I should look at that might replace [...]

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If you're like Dr. Sheldon Cooper, you spend a lot of time working in front of a whiteboard.  If you hate finding yourself with a thought but no board upon which to expand your thoughts, you'll want to check out the Noteboard Foldable Pocket Whiteboard from ThinkGeek.  When folded, it has the same footprint as a [...]

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You wake up and find yourself alone in a dark room with only a fuzzy memory of being grabbed and shoved into a White van with no windows. As you wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness you realize that you are handcuffed and your feet have been zip tied. Do you panic? [...]

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What do you EDC?  EDC stands for everyday carry, and it consists of the items that you carry on your person every day, the things you can't live without (or at least think you can't).  Many people do this without even consciously thinking about it, and most who do include at least one tool in [...]

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PocketMonkey from Zootility Tools is a multi-tool that stores in your wallet. It's made of 1 mm thick stainless steel, weighs an ounce and fits in a standard sized credit card slot in your wallet. PocketMonkey features 12 tools including: a smartphone stand, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, micro screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, door latch slip, letter [...]

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I have a storage fetish. I like little metal tins, boxes, pouches, etc. When I saw these Boxwood Storage Tubes in a Lee Valley catalog that came in the mail the other day, I knew I'd be placing a order. These screw top wooden tubes are made in France by a family known for their wood [...]

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The PAK personal accessories kit isn't exactly a gadget, but it could be an important part of your everyday carry kit.  There are three sizes - the Original, Mini, and Micro - that are packed with an assortment of things that you might need on a daily basis or in an emergency.  Each kit comes [...]

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The Col. Littleton No. 11 Survival Belt is a belt that any MacGyver wannabe would appreciate. First of all, it's a regular belt made in the Col. Littleton Workshop (Lynnville, TN) of native American steer hide with solid brass hardware. The belt has hooks that adjust to fit waists sizes 34-48. In addition to holding [...]

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In the  1990s for me there was only one EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight, and that was the Mini Maglite AA.  Its small size, aluminum construction, adjustable spot to flood light beam,  ruggedness, water resistance, candle mode, and spare bulb in tail made this so versatile for me. From in my toolkit for work, to [...]

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Is a toothpick part of your EDC (Everyday Carry)? Yeah, I know a toothpick isn't a very strong tool. But what if that toothpick were made of Titanium instead of wood? I'll admit that a titanium toothpick is not a tool that I ever thought much about until Jamie Piekkola offered to send me a couple to review. Jamie made [...]

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