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Who would have thought… the Netflix of LEGOs

on January 2, 2014 7:00 am


Pley is a LEGO version of Netflix. At Pley you create a queue of desired LEGO sets that you want to build. They then send you one at a time, so you can enjoy building each set without the cost of purchasing them. Once you are done, you ship the set back, and they send you the next in your wishlist.¬†According to Pley “every set is cleaned with an eco- and kid-friendly sterilization solution”, you are not charged for a missing piece or two, and each shipment includes a “Spare Piece Bag” of the 10 most-used pieces in the set.¬†Pley has three monthly service tiers $15 for medium, $25 for large, and $39 for huge LEGO sets, all include unlimited LEGO rentals per month and free shipping each way.


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    Tom says:

    Awesome idea!

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