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LunaTik TAKTIK iPhone 5 cases announced

on January 24, 2013 8:00 am


LunaTik recently announced iPhone 5 versions of their extremely protective TAKTIK series of cases: the EXTREME and STRIKE. Both cases provide serious protection against drops, falls, bumps, dust, liquid, weather, etc.  The only significant difference between the two is that the EXTREME has Corning Gorilla Glass integrated into the front plate bezel of the case. The TAKTIK series is engineered to encase your iPhone with protective layers including LunaTik’s silicone truss suspension system/layer sandwiched between high-impact ballistic polymer bezels, held together by steel retaining bolts. According to LunaTik’s website all of their iPhone 5 cases are ‘Coming Soon’ but no release date has been announced. Prices range from $99.95 up to $174.95.


  1. 1
    lanestew says:

    This case is horrible. Rainbow effects under the glass. The plastic bezel scratches with a fingernail. It’s heavy. Their customer service is horrible. Big waste of money. I regret buying the Taktik.

  2. 2
    greg says:

    I lost a screw and they want 5.00 for a replacement screw. WTF? I spend a good amount of money on this case and you would think they would be kind enough to send me one free. I would pay for the stamp.

  3. 3
    Richard says:

    Yeah this case does suck, I got a crack screen and thats it. said they will contact me. rainbow happens because of the engineering of the case. plastic tightened on rubber, none of the screws will ever be tightened equally.huh another company is launching a premium rugged case thats all terrain in the fall, its owned by ex Navy seals. I hope they learned something from lunatik Taktik Fail!

  4. 4
    Jim Lambert says:

    One of the six screws came loose within a few months causing moisture to bubble under the glass. I ask for replacement screws and even under the 1 year warranty they want $5.00 for 4 screws. I took the case off of my phone because the moisture kept me from unlocking it. I no longer have any screws. I need 6 and they sell them in packs of 4… where is the logic behind their customer service? You’re competing with otterbox who has close to the highest rated customer service ever and this is how you treat customers who spent more on a case than they did on the phone itself?

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