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iRock is not your Grandpa’s rocking chair

on October 31, 2012 10:00 am

The iRock is a Swiss designed wooden rocking chair. It looks like a class rocking chair until you take a closer look and start noticing some very un-traditional features. There are speakers built into the headrest area and an iPad / iPhone holder attached to one of the arm rests. But the really cool feature of this chair is that it generates power that charges the iPad as you rock in it.  Rocking for 60 minutes will charge a 3rd gen iPad to 35% The iRock will be available in the Fall of 2013 in 5 colors and will carry a price tag of €1300, which converts to $1944. Yeeeeouch! I think I’ll stick to my non-power generation LazyBoy recliner.


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    Sasha says:

    You know who needs one of these? A nursing mom. Holds the iPad & charges it? Brilliant. And with the amount of time my kids spent nursing, I could probably have charged every gadget in the house. Heck, I could have powered a small Swiss village :).

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