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Live HD Broadcasting for Any Camera with Live Stream Broadcaster

The Broadcaster from LiveStream allows you to stream live HD video directly from any camera supporting  HDMI out. Powered by 3 AA batteries, the unit can be mounted to the camera and will stream video via Wi-Fi or a 3G or 4G USB modem.  Supporting 1080i, 720p and 480i resolutions, the Broadcaster encodes the signal in real-time using H.264 and AAC audio.  The stream can be controlled via the built-in LCD panel, through the Livestream Web based platform, or via iPhone app.

Pre-order for $495; delivery begins May 31.  Purchase includes 3 months unlimited live streaming; price is $45/month after the promotional period.

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  • Harish August 3, 2012, 5:16 am

    I just want to know if i can mount this device to say an Iphone or any other android phone camera and start broadcasting the news. Can you please let me know how can I purchase the device and few more technical details. Thank you.


  • Ian Lim August 6, 2012, 2:23 am

    @Harish – My reading is it should work with any device with an HDMI out. Suggest you contact Livestream,I’m sure they can assist you :) http://new.livestream.com/about/contact

    p.s. for privacy I’ve removed your phone number from your post :)

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