Low-profile SPIbelt expands to carry your stuff


The fanny pack.  Maybe not the vanguard of style for carrying personal items, but still can be spotted in use today.  SPIbelt has taken the concept and slimmed it down a bit.  Quite a bit.  Designed by a runner, the Small Personal Item belt, or SPIbelt, is a low-profile zip-pouch mounted to an adjustable waist belt.  The pouch is made from a stretchable material that expands to accommodate your personal items, like your mobile phone, keys, ID, gel packs and so on.  SPIbelt claims it “does not bounce, ride or shift while running or doing other activities.”  Available in tons of colors and even multiple styles, including waterproof, dual pocket and even a version for diabetics, among others, most about $20 to $30.

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