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Non-naked iPhone charging with Seidio Innodock Jr.

on February 1, 2010 11:18 am

Love your iPhone but tired of having to strip it from its protective case to enjoy the convenience of a docking cradle?  Try the Innodock Jr. Desktop Cradle by Seidio.  It features a dock connector mounted on a compliant spring hinge.  This allows the iPhone to be placed in it vertically, then tilt backward slightly under its own weight–connector, iPhone, case and all–until it rests against the back of the cradle.  Compatible with “most” cases with an open connector bottom.  Case shown not included.  Also includes a USB cable for charge/sync connection.  $29.95.


  1. 1

    Nice design! I wonder if it works with the Otterbox™? That case is so deep, it makes using docks impossible.

  2. 2
    Jim says:

    I have two of these, one at home and one in the office. I bought so I do not need to remove the case to charge. Only used for charging. I have found using to sync can cause problems (wiped my apps twice syncing with this product).

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