iPad 2 case

Sena makes a full line of iPad 2 cases – the two reviewed here are a “basic sleeve” design, the Ultraslim (Smartcover), and a more substantial “box” design, the Kutu. Both claim to work with an Apple smart cover in place, but in actual use only the Kutu really delivers on that promise. Both cases… Read More

I almost never use earbuds with my iPad 2 and usually just rely on its speaker.  The sound from the iPad 2 is okay, but the speaker is on the back.  The sound is directed away from me, and I usually find I’m holding my hand cupped around the back of the iPad 2 to… Read More

Skytop Trading Leather makes gorgeous leather goods, and their iPad cases are no exception.  They are handmade in Skytop Leather’s Colorado shop from saddle leather (tanned in Pennsylvania).  The cases are semi-hard shell cases for maximum protection, and all ports and controls are available while the iPad is in the case.  The case converts to… Read More

Back to school shopping means buying pencils, paper, and 3-ring binders.  But perhaps now your student is lucky enough to have access to digital textbooks or is attending one of the schools that are requiring an iPad or other tablet, so you’ll also need a cover for that.  ZooGue is offering the iPad 2 BinderPad… Read More

The Gadgeteer has reviewed a lot of Booq cases over the years.  They make cases and bags for Apple products, so it’s no surprise they’ve introduced the Viper Slider Case for iPad 2. This two-piece case slides over the back of the iPad 2; the bottom half slides off so you can use the iPad… Read More

We told you about the Shinnorie Ringo case for small electronics in the past.  They also make a larger version of the Ringo to fit the iPad and iPad 2.  This envelope-style case is all leather, and it comes with a flap with snap closure and a grommet on the side so you can attach… Read More

Vaja has announced two cases for the iPad 2 that will be available soon.  The Libretto has a black microfiber interior and a leather exterior.  The Libretto opens like a book and holds the iPad 2 in two different horizontal positions.  It will sell for $160 and can be customized.  The Premium Leather Sleeve is… Read More

The Gadgeteer has featured DODOcase covers in the past; they make covers for iPads and other devices that look like the iconic Moleskine notebooks.  They are now announcing the DODOcase for iPad 2.  It’s made with black Moroccan cloth and traditional book-binding methods.  Inside is a bamboo casing that holds the iPad 2 securely in… Read More

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