iPad 2 BinderPad Pouch from ZooGue

Back to school shopping means buying pencils, paper, and 3-ring binders.  But perhaps now your student is lucky enough to have access to digital textbooks or is attending one of the schools that are requiring an iPad or other tablet, so you’ll also need a cover for that.  ZooGue is offering the iPad 2 BinderPad Pouch that fits into the rings of a standard binder so your student can keep his iPad 2 with his other school gear.  The BinderPad Pouch has a frame to hold the iPad 2.  The back is padded for protection, and all ports and controls are open, even the back camera.  The BinderPad snaps into a 3-ring notebook; it weighs 3.5 oz and is 0.5″ thick.  It’s available in black or gray (shown) for $29.99.

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