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”Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe…” To some allergy and asthma sufferers, this cute line from the Hollies classic song is a way of life. What most people take for granted can be a life-long problem for others. Pollutants, mold, pollen, viruses, and dust that we breathe is five times more… Read More

I bet you’re sitting in a chair as you’re reading this. It’s time to stand up and get moving, and Fitbit is going to help you get motivated because now through 7/28, you can save up to $30 off of select fitness tracking devices AND they will throw in 2-day shipping on orders $50 and… Read More

For people with celiac disease, an autoimmune condition for which there is no cure, eating gluten-free isn’t just a way of life. It is life, considering a mere 20 ppm of gluten is all it takes to trip an immune response. Enter Nima, a portable gluten sensor that tests food for the presence of gluten… Read More

I don’t take my blood pressure on a regular basis, but maybe I should.  I have EMT training so I own a manual sphygmomanometer (“blood pressure cuff”) as well as a tabletop automatic and a portable. The Koogeek BP2, however, looked so small and sleek, I knew I had to give it a try. The… Read More

So, it’s official I am now my grandpa. How is that you may ask? Well, I will tell you, I need to carry reading glasses everywhere I go. The problem for me is that my options for carrying my readers get kind of limited with the size of most reading glasses. I do have some… Read More

I remember watching episodes of Star Trek when I was a kid and wishing I had a tricorder or a communications badge. Those types of gadgets aren’t sci-fi anymore. We already have small communicators in our pockets that can call people anywhere in the world as well as so many other things. We also have… Read More

If you are having trouble sleeping or you’re feeling overly anxious, trying Relax Pro by Thync could be a drug-free and fairly inexpensive way to get some relief. This device stimulates your nerves to trigger a natural mechanism inside your body which signals your autonomic nervous system to allow your mind to tell your body… Read More

Tracking your steps and other physical activity is a great way to hold yourself accountable for your health goals, but keeping track of your heart rate throughout the day is a better measure of how well you’re progressing towards those goals. Polar’s new A370 fitness band has that feature and more. The Polar A370 tracks… Read More

The 4-wheeled RowBike gets you where you want to go and gives you a whole body workout at the same time which burns 50% more calories than a traditional bike. Invented by Scott Olson, the creator of Rollerblade inline skates, the RowBike is a rowing machine built onto a 4-wheeled bike frame. RowBikes are available… Read More

Let’s face it, fitness bands and smartwatches aren’t the most attractive accessories on the market. They usually have either a masculine or unisex style that does not blend well with fancier feminine attire. Ringly is a company who offers a more glamorous alternative to boring black silicone banded wearables.   Ringly’s water resistant smart rings… Read More

In a sea of wearable fitness trackers, it’s tough to stand out when most of them can track steps, heart rate, and sleep. But Garmin has added a new trick to their latest vivosmart 3 fitness tracker. It can count strength training exercise reps and sets. Whether you’re doing curls with free weights or body… Read More

The new Polar M460 GPS is an advanced bike computer that offers features for serious cyclists like power meter compatibility, power metrics, smart coaching, and Strava Live Segments that allows cyclists to see their real-time stats to help them reach their performance goals. The Polar M460 also shows notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar… Read More

This strange looking contraption is a kinetic resistance exercise device. It’s called the Four Minute Core Trainer and it has been designed to work 46 core muscles and eight arm muscles in just four minutes. There is a resistance cartridge in the upper and lower section of the device that provides 60 and 70 pounds… Read More

A few weeks ago I told you about Misfit’s Vapor smartwatch that is due this summer. Now Misfit has just announced another fitness device on the opposite end of their pricing spectrum. It’s the Misfit Flare, their new entry level wearable that tracks activity and sleep. Priced at $59.99, the Flare features a capacitive touch sensor… Read More

I don’t travel across time zones that often and I don’t have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) issues that some people get during the dreary winter months. But what I do deal with is a slight sleep deficit because I get a little less than 7 hours of sleep on weeknights.  Unfortunately, I can’t do caffeine, so… Read More