VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 power station review – this is one big battery!


REVIEW – You can never be too prepared for camping or emergencies, although I probably have more of the latter than engage in the former.  I live in a place that has many power outages at the drop of a hat!  You can’t have too much backup power when that happens, so I was very excited to review the VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 power station.

What is it?

The VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 is a really big rechargeable battery that can charge 12 things simultaneously and is expandable.


What’s included?

  • The VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 power station
  • A/C charging cable
  • Two USB C cables
  • Car outlet charger cable (Maybe)
  • Directions and promotional stickers

Tech specs

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Capacity: 828Wh

Battery Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

AC Continuous Output: 1000W Pure Sine Wave

AC Peak Output: 2000W

AC Outlets: 3*1000W (Peak 2000W)

Solar Input Recharge: 300W Max

AC Input Recharge: 700W Max

Car Input Recharge: 200W Max

Warranty: 12 months + 12 months

USB-A Output:3*12W, 1*18W

USB-C Output: 2*100W

DC Output:2*120W

Scalability: Yes, Up to Max. 2376Wh Capacity with Expansion Battery (Sold Seperately)

Operating Temperature: -4℉~131℉

Charging Temperature: 32℉~131℉

Length × Width × Height: 15.5 x 11 x10.6 inch

Net Weight: 37.4 lbs


Design and features

My first impression of the VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 power station was that it is big.  I expected it to be about the size of a car battery (I’m not sure why) but it’s considerably bigger than that at almost 16 inches tall.   All batteries are heavy, but this one is nearly 40 pounds.  I guess I should have expected all of that because this 1000W power station has an 828 Wh capacity.  Big capacity means a big battery.

While unpacking the VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 power station I found a little difference between the Vtoman website and their manual.  The manual clearly states that it should come with a car outlet charger, but their website doesn’t list the car charger in their “what’s in the box” section.  It didn’t come with that cable, but when I pointed out that it was in the manual, they sent me one.  So will yours come with that charger?  I have no idea.  But you might do what I did and reach out to them if it doesn’t.  Hopefully they will change the manual or the website to avoid this confusion.


I know a lot of campers like to use these batteries to make life a little easier when “roughing it,” so I tried to keep that in mind while testing the battery.  The last power station I reviewed was considerably smaller and while it did power all my hair appliances, it couldn’t handle the Instant Pot.  With 1000W output and 2000W peak output, the Vtoman FlashSpeed 1000 power station had no problem with the IP.  That dream you might have of making crack chicken while tent camping is finally within reach!  I also tested the VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 power station with an icemaker I reviewed a while back to see how long it could make ice on a charge.  I wasn’t terribly scientific about it, but it powered the icemaker for about five hours.

My final test was to see if I could make ice, create a fabulous dinner in the Instant Pot, and blend margaritas all at the same time, theoretically in a tent.  I plugged everything in, and the answer was yes. The VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 can make you look like Martha Stewart in the woods, depending on your bartending and IP skills, of course.


Some other features that are neat about the VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 include a light on the back of the unit that has two brightness levels and can flash SOS as well.  I like a product that can house its own accessories, and the storage compartment on the top can hold cords, cables and the user manual.  While I didn’t test it, this battery can jump start a car and has ports on the front for that.  Battery not big enough for you?  This one is expandable.  Vtoman sells an accessory battery that has no outlets but has 1548wh, almost double the capacity of the VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000.

As I was researching this review, I found that this power station is very similar (just a bit smaller) to the VTOMAN power station Matt Gregerson reviewed in 2023.  He was disppointed that the battery didn’t give any indication of how long it could go until it ran out.  That is still, unfortunately, the case with this model.  While you have a percentage of battery left that appears on the screen, you would have to bust out some math skills to really know how many more hours of ice making or margarita blending you have left.





What is kind of cool about the VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 power station is its ability to charge up several different ways and to do it quickly.  This battery can charge using solar panels, and AC outlet or from your car lighter.  I didn’t test the solar panels because I don’t have any, but I did strap it into my car and it charged in about a day, which is nice for campers because you can charge while en route to your campsite.  If you really want a quick charge, you can plug it into a regular wall outlet and it will fully charge in a little over an hour.  Their website boasts that it can get to 80% in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.  I ran it down and did find that it would fully charge in a little over an hour, but in 15 or 20 minutes I had about a 20% charge.  Apparently, the folks at VTOMAN really enjoy a leisurely coffee break.

One of the most prominent features on the VTOMAN website is the section about safety.  I didn’t get into the nuts and bolts, but this batttery has 10 forms of  protection built in, such as over voltage protection, over current protection, reverse polarity protection and reverse charge protection.  It also has overcharging protection, so you don’t have to worry if you plug it in to charge and forget about it.  The battery is supposed to last over 3,000 charge-discharge cycles and they estimate that would offer a 10-year lifespan if you used it daily, although I hope you don’t need to do that!  It comes with a two-year warranty.


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What I like about the VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000 power station

  • Big capacity
  • Can handle many power sucking appliances all at the same time
  • Charges quickly

What needs to be improved?

  • Does it come with a car charger?  Fix the website or the manual for clarity.
  • Why can’t I see how much time I have left until the battery runs out?


Final thoughts

Now that I have the VTOMAN FlashSpeed 1000, ss it wrong to look forward to a power outage?  If it is, I don’t want to be right.

Price: $499 (after $500 discount)
Where to buy: Vtoman
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Vtoman. Vtoman did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.


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