The ACEMAGIC M2A Gaming Mini PC is giving off serious TIE Fighter vibes

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NEWS – When I first saw the ACEMAGIC M2A Gaming Mini PC, I nearly did a spit take. I’m loving the science fiction space fighter styling, and it’s no slouch under the hood either (at least on paper). The M2A is rocking up to an Intel 12th gen I9-12900H 14 core CPU with boost clock up to 5.0 GHz, 32 GB of RAM, a fast NVME SSD, and best of all up to an nVidia 3080M graphics card with 16 GB of DDR6 RAM!  I’ve reviewed an ACEMAGIC Mini PC (though not a gaming-focused model), and besides the little malware snafu, the hardware has been great.

Their early launch pricing is pretty good, but I’m hoping it doesn’t jump to full retail (starting at $1399), you can often get great Legion or ASUS gaming laptops with comparable or newer gen hardware around that price. I do love the efficiency and compact size of mini PCs, and I’m glad ACEMAGIC is trying new models. Hopefully, this mini PC will soon find its way to the Gadgeteer for review! Performance will heavily depend on how well they implemented cooling (and therefore how much wattage they can push to the CPU/GPU under load), so it would be fun to test out.

Price: $909.35 early launch pricing, going to $1399 at launch (for the 12700/3060 version)
Where to buy: ACEMAGIC

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