Is the Movably Pro the best chair for your standing desk? Wait, what?

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NEWS – You’re probably wondering why anyone needs a chair for a standing desk. Wouldn’t a chair defeat the whole purpose of a standing desk? After all, sitting is the new smoking, right? Apparently, not moving is the real issue that many people have, and the Movably Pro standing desk chair is designed to fix that issue.

While it looks like a bar-height chair, it’s so much more than that. It has an adjustable split seat and a footrest that allows you to sit with just one leg. It also has smart sensors that vibrate to remind you to move or switch positions.

When I tell you how much it will cost, that might get you to move really fast by running away. It’s currently in a pre-order early bird phase with a price of $1999. If you’re interested, head over to before May 31, 2024, when the price will go up to $2999.

2 thoughts on “Is the Movably Pro the best chair for your standing desk? Wait, what?”

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  2. I’ve been using a Focal Locus leaning chair with my standing desk for years at this point; really helps you fidget and generally move – This solution looks really cool, but a lot more complicated/expensive – Would be great to see someone review it who has already used something like the Focal

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